Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms

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For someone who is experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI) for the first time (or if it has been a while since they have had one), the symptoms can be frightening. On the other hand, some people with a urinary tract infection may not experience any symptoms at all. In certain cases, your doctor may be sure of the diagnosis simply by listening to your description of the symptoms and onset of the condition, while other cases pose diagnostic challenges.

In general, the most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection involve the process of urination:

  • Pain or a burning feeling during urination
  • A feeling of urgency, or feeling the need to urinate frequently
  • An altered appearance of the urine, either bloody (red) or cloudy (containing pus)
  • Pain or pressure in the rectum (men) or in the area of the pubic bone (women)
  • Passing only a tiny amount of urine even when the urge to urinate is strong
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