Diabetes Q&A by Dr. Mathur

I have diabetes, and also have hemorrhoids. I cannot use preparation H, what other options do I have, Tucks Pads?

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Dr. Mathur's Message:

Dr. Ruchi Mathur is co-director of the Diabetes Management Clinic at the Roybal Comprehensive Health Center and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. Dr. Mathur looks forward to interacting specifically with individuals to discuss the concerns and questions they have as viewers.

Teaching students and patients and focusing on disease prevention are particular aspects of Medicine that Dr. Mathur enjoys. She looks forward to the opportunity to interact and help patients through this new and exciting venue at MedicineNet.

"I'm lucky because I work in an academic environment," Dr. Mathur says. "The best moments are teaching young medical students and seeing a look of 'ah-ha!' in their eyes. The next best moments are watching them translate something you teach them into practice. It's a great opportunity for me to stay on top of new developments and treatments too."

In her free time, Dr. Mathur enjoys , traveling and spending time with her family.

Last Editorial Review: 2/15/2007

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