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Coping With Common Fears

Experts explain how worry, fear, and anxiety can have a variety of medical consequences.

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A lone brown leaf clings desperately onto its knobby branch as a bone-chilling gust dashes into the shadows of a full moon. Ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and other hideous creatures skulk in the dark, haunting homes filled with smothered apples and carved-up pumpkins.

Such is the scene for a frightfully delightful Halloween.

As amusing as this fall fright fest can be, there are real terrors that haunt people all year round. These demons take on the form of normal human emotions, such as worry, fear, and anxiety. Left unchecked, they can run amok, disrupting and sometimes destroying lives.

To find out which fears and anxieties typically plague people, WebMD contacted several health experts. They explained how certain worries can bring about unfavorable health effects and gave advice on how to face the monsters in the closet.

The Demons of Denial

Ever been so uneasy about something, you avoided it altogether? That's what a lot of people do when they're afraid of something, say health experts. It is a natural human reaction that can be a lifesaver.

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