Fighting Testicular Cancer: Daniel J.'s Story (cont.)

Daniel feels that not enough is done to inform people about the dangers of testicular cancer symptoms and the importance of self-tests.

"I'm a pretty savvy, well-informed guy and I had no idea there was a threat or that I should be self-testing," Daniel said. "Whenever I tell this story, if there are young men in the room, I try to make a point that they need to test themselves. I was lucky I felt pain. Had I not, who knows?"

Daniel was also lucky he was able to go to a county hospital for the surgery. The grand total at Alta Bates Summit Hospital in Oakland, Calif., for the urine test, ER visit and ultrasound was a total of $4000. Yet, at Alameda County Medical Center, he ended up paying $20 for the testing, $100 for surgery, and $10 for the follow-up appointments.

Today Daniel looks at his experience as a challenge that was put before him, and he considers himself lucky to have survived.

"I'm not afraid to tell this story," Daniel said. "I want people to tell other men how testicular cancer symptoms can affect them. It definitely shocked me because I was right in the age range. There's not enough done to inform other men, and it's a population that really needs this information."

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Last Editorial Review: 10/12/2006