Light and Luscious Ice Cream (cont.)

After all, says Magee, the first five bites of any food are the best; after that point, you don't taste with the same enjoyment or intensity.

And make sure you eat your healthier ice cream (or other portion-controlled treat) at the time of day you crave it most.

"You can control your cravings by planning a small piece of chocolate or half-cup of ice cream when you want it most and enjoy your small treat without sabotaging your diet," says Magee.

Churning Out Sales

Since the first of the new churning technologies was introduced in 2004, consumer demand has led grocers to devote more and more freezer space to these ice creams.

"Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned sales nearly doubled its debut year, and increased another 80% to 90% the following year," says Goeller-Johnson. "The momentum has continued at a stellar pace, with sales this year already up 50% over the same period last year."

Consumers seem to be convinced. According to Dreyer's, in blind taste tests across the country, eight out of 10 people selected Slow Churned over full-calorie ice cream.

Published September 22, 2006.

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