Finding Jeans That Fit and Flatter (cont.)

Look For: "You [can] create the illusion of curves by bringing attention downward to your ankles with either a taper or a slim, straight leg," says Madhok. Also important: Styles that hit at the waist will bring attention to even a slight curve. Cargo pockets and other embellishments will add attention to your body and further detract from a straight, "boyish" figure, Cafazzo says.

Avoid: Baggy jeans, legs that flare too much at the ankle, and wide straight legs.

Style Recommendations: Levis Red Slouch Straight Jeans; American Eagle Straight 77 Stretch Jean; Tag Jeans; Hudson Jeans; Jeanology by Newport-News in slim fit.

Quick Fashion Fixes for a Great Fit

To help iron out a few extra little style wrinkles, our experts offer these quick fixes to help you hone in on the jeans of your dreams:

Problem: Short Waist
Quick Fix: Look for a trouser-style jean with a flat front, slash pockets and a low waist to elongate your look, Cafazzo says.

Problem: Long Waist
Quick Fix: Look for regular to high-rise jeans with a straight leg to balance the body, says Rudes-Sandel.

Problem: Short Legs
Quick Fix: Seek narrow legs and a low rise - and wear your jeans to the top of the instep, but no longer. Avoid long lengths that bunch at the ankles, and the "pencil leg" which tapers in at the foot. "And always wear your jeans with high heels for a long, lean look," says Madhok.

Problem: Long Legs
Quick Fix: Can legs really be too long? We don't think so! But if you're self-conscious about yours, avoid styles that are too short in the rise as well as cropped pants and very wide legs. Instead, Rudes-Sandel says, seek out a narrow leg with a mid rise to create proportion between your top and bottom.

Problem: Bulging Tummy
Quick Fix: Look for a jean with a 4% Lycra stretch to help hold in anything that jiggles, including your tummy. Rudes-Sandel says she engineered her Tummy Tuck jeans to have less stretch in the front and more in the back, so the pants act like a girdle with a fabric panel - holding you in but not pushing you up and out.

Problem: Large Thighs
Quick Fix: Stay away from striated coloring that highlights your thighs. Also avoid high-waisted and tapered jeans, which make thighs look larger. Instead, go for styles that offer a "relaxed fit," and with a cut that sits slightly below your natural waist, Rudes-Sandel says.

Problem: Booty Issues
Quick Fix: It's all in the pockets! Remember these rules: Small pockets make any backside look larger; big pockets make any backside look smaller; no pockets make hips look wider; embroidered or detailed pockets make every bottom look curvier.

Published September 15, 2006.

SOURCES: Lisa Rudes-Rudes-Sandel, creator, Tummy Tuck Jeans; director, NYDJ. Michelle Madhok, editor, Amy Cafazzo, jeans style expert, Marshalls Department Stores.

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