Pod Workouts: A New Way to Get Fit (cont.)

Pod Fitness Tips

Ready to try this new type of workout? Here are some tips from our experts:

  • If you are new to a certain type of exercise, advises Mallett, it's best to take some classes before doing a download so you're familiar with the moves.
  • Before downloading a workout, do your homework, Florez advises. Check out sites such as iAmplifi.com and podfitness.com, both of which offer downloadable fitness programs. Look for programs run by credentialed trainers, and choose a workout that corresponds to your fitness level. Know your needs," says Florez. "Don't get dazzled by all the hype."
  • Choose a workout program that offers a progressive series; otherwise you will get bored and your fitness level will eventually plateau.
  • Look for workouts that have self-monitoring tips, such as how to check your heart rate, exertion level, and amount of weights, sets, and repetitions.
  • Pick a workout that can be adjusted for different equipment and settings in case you want to use it under different circumstances - such as at home or on the road, instead of just in a gym.

Published August 11, 2006.

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Last Editorial Review: 8/11/2006