Your Weight Loss Wake-Up Call

Experts and dieters offer insights on making the decision to diet - and sticking with it.

By Colette Bouchez
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic - Feature

Reviewed by Ann Edmundson, MD

For artist and author Janice Taylor, making a decision to lose weight was easy -- she did it dozens of times.

But the decision that finally made her weight loss resolution stick began the day she got out of the shower and caught a surprise glimpse in the mirror. The moment, she says, was nothing short of an epiphany.

"Because I did not intentionally look, I didn't have a chance to set my mind to it, that it wouldn't be so bad," says Taylor. "So I caught the truth in my reflection, and it wasn't pretty.

"I realized for the first time that my fat rolls had fat rolls," says Taylor, who chronicles her experiences in the forthcoming book Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal.

Still, says Taylor, there was one more moment of truth to come before her weight loss journey could begin.

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