Heart Failure (cont.)

Quick Quiz

  1. Heart failure can be controlled by treating the underlying conditions. Treatment often includes

A. bed rest, fluids, and long-term medication

B. transplantation and psychotherapy

C. lifestyle changes and medications

C is the correct answer. Treatment for heart failure includes lifestyle changes, medications, and specialized care for those who are in the advanced stages.

  1. If you have heart failure, you should eat

A. diet soda and low-fat chips

B. a diet low in salt

C. a low-carbohydrate diet

B is the correct answer. Those who suffer from heart failure need to watch their salt intake. Salt can cause extra fluid to build up in your body, making heart failure worse.

  1. The goals for treatment of heart failure are to

A. improve symptoms

B. stop the disease from getting worse

C. prolong lifespan

D. all of the above

D is the correct answer. While there is no cure for heart failure, treatment can alleviate and improve symptoms, slow progression of the disease, and prolong lifespan.

  1. In treating heart failure, your doctor may prescribe medications that

A. improve heart function

B. reduce strain on the heart

C. lower blood pressure

D. all of the above

D is the correct answer. There are many medications for treating heart failure that a doctor may prescribe to treat the causes and symptoms of the disease and improve the function of the heart.

Source: National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Last Editorial Review: 4/6/2006

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