The Aging Mind

Tips for an Aging Mind

Here are some strategies to help your brain as it changes with age:

  • Don't make rash decisions.
  • Give yourself time to think.
  • Write things down.
  • Memory can be fallible for people of any age.
  • Structure your day and your surroundings to help you remember things.
  • Imagine a future action in as much detail as you can.
  • Keep your brain active with activities that require mental effort, such as reading.
  • Stay physically active.

The Aging Mind Learning to Adjust to Natural Changes

As our brains age, we're less likely to think as quickly as we used to or remember things as well. But the knowledge we gain from life experience can sometimes compensate for other changes in our brains as we age. Older professionals, for example, are often better at their jobs than younger ones. Research is now revealing how the brain changes and adapts as we age. These insights are shedding light on real-life challenges, like how to remember things and how to avoid scams. Dr. Denise C. Park, director of the Roybal Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Illinois, explains that knowledge and experience are protected as you age. "When you're performing a complex task," she says, "your memory may be less efficient, but your knowledge about how to do it may be better." In most real-world experiences, older people already have previous knowledge that they can use to interpret new situations and decide how to respond.

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