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Sex Matters®: Playing Cupid

valenitne's day

Our "sexpert" points her trusty arrow at the year's most romantic day.

WebMD Feature
By Louanne Cole Weston, PhD
Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD

Q: How can I turn Valentine's Day into a romantic date worth remembering?

A: I can suggest a number of tips for making the most of Feb. 14. The most important, however, is to make the holiday a celebration of your relationship.

First, be tuned in to your mate's picture of Valentine's Day. Some couples like to share a romantic dinner, some exchange greeting cards, others want sexy lingerie to be given and worn.

Valentine's Day may have evolved into the idea of men buying women lots of jewelry, flowers, candy, and lingerie, but I think a shared experience, where women give as much as men, is the better approach. Still, talk about your romantic expectations beforehand to minimize disappointment. Differing ideas can cause a little heartbreak.

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