Daniel J. DeNoon

Daniel J. DeNoon

Senior Writer, WebMD, Inc.

Daniel J. DeNoon is senior medical writer for WebMD, researching and reporting daily news stories and health features. Before joining WebMD in 1999, he was senior editor for CW Henderson publications and a freelance medical writer, editor, and communications consultant.

Mr. DeNoon began his career as a daily newspaper reporter. He became a full-time medical journalist in 1985. A charter member of the International AIDS Society, he was founding editor of the newsletters AIDSWeekly and VaccineWeekly and is the author of AIDS Therapies, a 1,500-page encyclopedia of AIDS treatments and vaccines.

He is the recipient of several professional awards, including a commendation from the Centers for Disease Control for his work during the 2001-2 bioterror attacks. Mr. DeNoon earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and religion from Emory University.

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