Skinny or Not, How to Look Hot at the Beach

Boost your body confidence to shine under the summer sun

By Colette Bouchez
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic - Feature

Reviewed by Ann Edmundson, MD

Wouldn't it be just swell if our weight-control goals always coincided with our real-life schedules, so that just as bathing suit season rolled around, we'd be the perfect size? Unfortunately, it hardly ever works out that way!

Try as we might to get in shape before having to reveal our bodies to the world (or at least our neighbors at the local pool party), it seems there are always a few more pounds to lose, jiggly thighs to tighten, and arms to tone -- not to mention a psyche in need of some serious bolstering to get us through swimsuit shopping.

If this sounds familiar, don't despair. Experts like fitness image consultanat Lisa Avellino say that with a little creative energy you can turn planning a day at the beach into a day at the beach! The goal, they say, is to accentuate your positives, beginning with selecting the right swimwear for your body type.

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