Larry LaMotte: Resolve to Get Your Life in Shape

How you can keep your promises to yourself!

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Event Date: January 2004

Tired of making resolutions each year and then losing focus? Let Life Coach Larry LaMotte help you get rid of the obstacles keeping you from your personal best, and identify and eliminate the energy drains that keep you from keeping your promises to yourself! Read what he had to say about using a life coach to meet your goals.

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Moderator: Welcome, Larry. Thanks for being our guest for this Live Event. Maybe we should start from the beginning: What is a "life coach"?

LaMotte: Hello everyone! A life coach is your intimate partner in action. Often we know what we want to do with our lives, but something holds us back. Maybe it's difficult for example to crawl out of our comfort and safety zones and yet we yearn for a better life. The coach understands we want to achieve new things, and understands the challenge of getting away from the comfort zone and helps through a lot of different methods to keep that person focused and on track so they don't return to their old ways.

Moderator: You said, "often we know what we want." What about those of us who don't know what we want? "Happiness" is too vague a goal. How do we find that dream of what we want?

LaMotte: Great question. In my own life I discovered I was running from morning to night simply surviving, doing very little thinking. Coaching allows a person the opportunity to think and as simple as that sounds, it's an amazing and revealing process. You say you don't know what you want to do with your life. I contend you do. But you have not gotten out of your daily rut. You have not stopped and taken the time to think and reflect. So you think you don't know. My answer for me and for others is find that hour a day to do nothing more than contemplate your navel, as they say. Don't feel guilty about it. You will see that using that hour will lead you where you want to go.

Moderator: What is a session with a life coach like? How often do you and your clients get together?

LaMotte: Basically we get together by telephone once per week for 30-minute sessions. And every session is different. So it's difficult to answer that about what is a session like. Let me say that basically the sessions are aimed at understanding the person's goals, developing strategies for achieving those goals, and making sure steps are taken on a regular basis that will lead to the result the client wants.

I want to add that in coaching I typically take on clients who are already highly motivated to do something good with their lives. And the reason I do that is because until a person reaches a point where they are burning with desire, it is very time consuming and difficult to get them to move in any direction. Since the client is paying for this process they typically want fairly fast results. Only the highly motivated will have a chance at getting those fast results. And they tend to be the happiest clients. So as a coach, I don't want to push against a brick wall.

In my own life, there have been times when no coach could have helped me at all. So it took a period of experience for me to evolve into the kind of person motivated enough to be assisted by a coach.

Member: What is the range of "life problems" that you have been asked to coach on?

LaMotte: I have been asked to coach on challenges ranging from changing careers to creating a whole new life.

Member: I think fear is a big roadblock between my dreams and me. I'm afraid of failing so I keep in my comfort zones. What are your suggestions for facing this kind of fear?

LaMotte: My first is to accept fear. To roll around in it. To bathe in it. To experience every aspect of it. Never to deny it. Fear is built into the human spirit, and for a purpose. It helps us avoid wild animals and hot stoves. In that respect, fear is an aid in life. So don't think there is anything wrong with having fear. It's OK. And the reason I suggest you totally experience it, is because it helps you better understand it. It helps you better understand how to use it on your own behalf.

My reaction to fear in the past has been maybe like yours. I have tried to push it away. And in some cases, I tried to act as though it did not exist. I have run from it. Today I embrace it. I love it. I have accepted it as part of ME. And because of that, fear doesn't get in my way. I know that sounds a little esoteric, so I'll close this answer by saying the next time you experience fear, write down exactly what you are feeling at that very moment and try to see how your legs, arms, head, and every other part of your body are reacting. You will be surprised that you will suddenly have a better understanding that will put fear into a different perspective than you have ever known before.

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