Makeup Tips for Facing the Holidays: A Live Chat with Linda Mason, author of Makeup: The Art of Beauty

Tips on looking holiday great

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Event Date: December 2003

As part of WebMD Weight Loss Clinic's Holiday Survival Guide cyberconference, makeup artist to the stars, Linda Mason, discussed how to shadow and contour your face into model perfection. She shared her top tips from her book, Makeup: The Art of Beauty, and answered questions about banishing blemishes, coordinating colors, and more.

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Member question: I never wear makeup, but have to attend some rather formal holiday functions in the evening. This happens every year and makes me crazy. I know I need to wear some makeup, but don't really know where to start. Can you explain a simple routine that even a novice could follow? I don't want to spend a bundle on makeup that I'll only use this month and then won't touch again for a year.

Mason: A great product, obviously, is lipstick. A lipstick color can immediately make you look pulled together, and is very easy to do. For the color of the moment, you just go out and buy a bright red, and you'll look fabulous. If you are afraid of a bright red, there are soft burgundy shades available that are easy to wear.

Another thing you could do to pull that type of look together is to take a good look at your eyebrows and have them shaped. Or if they're fairly light, try to define them with a blond pencil. A blond pencil is very safe. That with the lipstick will give you a more finished look.

Moderator: How do you know which color is right for you?

Mason: I feel like a light burgundy is suitable for almost all coloring. Even most women who wear a brick shade also look good in a slightly bluer light burgundy shade, as long as it's not too blue or too strong, and that's why I'm recommending that type of color, as opposed to a brick.

Moderator: Should a novice go to the department store makeup counters to try to find the right color?

Mason: Yes. And try to get a little advice, or go to where ever you normally shop if you feel more comfortable, and check out the colors there. Take a look at your face. If you have concealer, a little powder with maybe a cream blush, and a little gloss and mascara, that is also a good way for somebody to look fresh faced. It has a lot to do with the personality and what you're comfortable with.

Experiment. Even just one color on your eyelid could be fabulous, but it has to be something different like a turquoise. Go slowly. Don't go out and buy all of your makeup at once. It could be a lip or eye color, but just buy whatever you are drawn to. Buy that within the next few days and try that color while wearing something you love wearing, and wear that color for a few days.

Then, if that happens to be lip color, take a look at the eye color. Don't think about matching; think about buying something that you are drawn to. You might need just a touch of blue or violet. The secret is just putting a touch of color next to the lashes, maybe in the outer corner of the eye, if you want to give your face a little lift.

Then, once you see that and you've worn the eye shadow with the lipstick, then maybe you can go get some blush. If you live a long way from shops, that could be a problem, but you could buy a lipstick color online.

Member question: I have always worn pink. I am 47 and have light beige skin. A brighter red or burgundy makes me look washed out. Is a frosty pink shade still okay and am I a bit too old fashioned?

Mason: No, you're not old fashioned. A lot of people are wearing frosty pinks. It depends on what you're wearing with it.

I think to modernize the light pink on the lips don't wear the frosty pink with blue or an iridescent violet. You could wear it with a smoky matte violet on your eyes, or a taupe would be nice. But try warmer, not too gray. What are you wearing on the eyes?

Member question: I'm not wearing anything on my eyes except mascara. And I wear the pink lipstick with everything.

Mason: That sounds fairly fresh. It's usually when you're wearing that type of lipstick with tan skin that it can make you look old. It sounds to me like it looks very pretty, and it depends on what you want to do. If you feel great in that, that's what you should wear.

Member question: Should you try to coordinate lip and cheek color?

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