Diet Sabotage: How Much Sugar Are You Eating? (cont.)

If you want to avoid hidden sugar:

  • Read food labels. Ingredients are listed in order of volume, so anything with sugar, corn syrup, glucose (or, in general, words ending in "-ose") near the top of the list is likely to be high in sugar.
  • When you do choose a product with added sugar, watch your portion size.
  • Simply avoid processed foods as much as you can -- especially sodas and other sweetened beverages.

And what about artificial sweeteners? While they can be useful in weight maintenance, use them sparingly, says Crawley. All sweeteners have little nutritional value," she said. "I prefer to use a minimum of all of them." That's great, but what if you still crave sweets? Fresh fruit is always your best bet, but if it just won't do the trick, the Sugar Association has a few suggestions:

  • Angel food cake topped with fruit.
  • Frozen fruit ices and sorbets.
  • Low-fat frozen yogurt.
  • Fruit shakes made with low-fat milk.

Originally published Dec. 16, 2003
Medically updated Jan. 3, 2005.

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