Calorie-Shaving Tips to Help You Lose Weight (cont.)

Moore says that by tinkering with the format of the types of foods you normally eat can also yield a big calorie-saving payoff.

For example, rather than serving meat, vegetables, and potatoes at dinner, try putting those same ingredients into a soup or stew with a few cans of broth or tomato sauce. That way you save the extra fat and calories needed to cook the components of the meal separately, such as sauteing the vegetables in butter and cooking the potatoes in oil, or topping them with added butter or sour cream.

Not only will you save time by having only one pot to tend to, Moore says you may also reap other nutritional benefits.

"You may be able to incorporate more vegetables and less meat and still have that same flavor of the foods that you enjoy," says Moore.

"Research has also shown that when you eat foods that have a higher moisture content like soup, it tends to be more filling for longer amounts of time," says Moore. "So you feel fuller longer, and that would help in any weight loss attempts."

Published December 2003.

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