Family Meals: Tips for Nutritious, Delicious Fare (cont.)

Nothing's quicker than a roasted chicken from your local supermarket, served with pre-washed mix greens. And one slice of pizza served with a large garden or fruit salad will both please and nourish your children.

Also, don't be shy about serving breakfast foods, such as French toast and waffles, for the evening meal. They're healthy and kids love the idea of having breakfast at night. Here are some tips for building healthy dinners:

  • Store-bought roasted chicken; fresh or frozen vegetables; and a quick-cooking grain, such as packaged couscous or quick-cooking brown rice
  • Frozen spinach and cheese pie (available at Trader Joe's and supermarkets); rice; fruit
  • Thin-crust cheese pizza topped with veggies; garden salad with reduced-fat dressing; milk or 100% juice
  • Whole-grain frozen waffles topped with low-fat vanilla yogurt and fruit, such as sliced strawberries; milk
  • Cheese and vegetable omelets or scrambled eggs; fruit or vegetables; whole-grain toast or rolls; milk
  • 100% ground turkey breast burgers or prepared veggie burgers on whole-wheat buns; cooked broccoli; milk
  • Pasta and prepared marinara sauce with leftover chopped roasted or grilled chicken or garbanzo beans added to it; garden salad
  • Homemade pizza: whole-grain English muffin or pizza round topped with pasta or pizza sauce or sliced tomato and shredded cheese; garden salad

Ready to Stock Your Pantry?

You may not shop for food regularly but you can rustle up a meal in minutes when you keep these basics in the kitchen. Take this shopping list with you on your next trip to the supermarket.


___Canned tuna or salmon

___Whole-grain breads

___Grated hard cheese, such as cheddar

___Frozen or canned fruit and vegetables

___Whole-grain cereal

___Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast

___Canned beans, such as garbanzo

___Balsamic vinegar

___Peanut butter


___Bread crumbs or crushed whole-grain cereal for breading

___Olive oil

___Marinara spaghetti sauce

Published August 2005.

SOURCES: Janice Bissex, MS, RD, co-author of The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers. Janet Helm, MS, RD, nutrition consultant, Chicago.

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