Weight Loss Style, What's Yours? (cont.)

Grazer vs. Three Squares. Three meals a day provide ample food to satisfy a hungry belly, but you may prefer to nibble your way through the day. Either way is fine, as long as you don't eat more than is prescribed in your eating plan.

Grazers need self-control so they don't overeat at the mini-meal sessions. The advantage of this style of eating is a steady infusion of calories to keep blood sugar steady and hunger at bay. But with schedules, families, and jobs to worry about, many folks end up eating three meals (and maybe a snack or two). This is not a problem, as long as those meals and snacks contain high fiber, water-rich, and lean protein foods so you'll feel satisfied without overeating.

Bottom Line: Look in the Mirror

Regardless of your personality type, it's important to deal with food and fitness on a rational level. The more you understand what makes you tick, the easier it will be to manage your food intake and daily activity.

So take a step back, analyze yourself, and see what traits you can identify. This may just provide the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you master your health.

Originally Published June 30, 2005.
Medically updated August 2006.

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