French Diet & American Women (cont.)

GUILIANO: You probably eat too much and bad bread. If you have a slice -- that's why the little scale is important -- one piece of bread is one ounce.

MEMBER QUESTION: How can I get your book?

GUILIANO: It's available on and at bookstores.

MODERATOR: Before we wrap things up for today, do you have any final words for us?

GUILIANO: Just do it. You will feel better, not only with your body but with your mind, with the people you love and with your work. Take it easy and do things for yourself. Walk, walk, walk, and if you can, when you can, give your body and mind a Paris vacation.

Two days ago at a reading in Manhattan, a woman came up to me and said her husband was so happy she had lost 15 pounds. Obviously he was unhappy about her weight and so was she. When she lost it he was so happy that for her birthday he gave her a weekend in Paris. She told me that she will never be overweight again. That's the most gratifying thing for me.

ZELMAN: If more people would walk and get exercise we could make a difference in our obesity statistics. I love your advice; it really makes a lot of sense and mimics what we advocate in our program. Learning portion control, drinking more water and slowing down when you eat are all fundamentally important to weight control that lasts and the cornerstone of our WebMD Weight Loss Clinic.

I plan on giving my 18-year-old daughter a copy of this book for graduation. Even though she eats healthily, you never stop learning how to improve your lifestyle and to be healthy and have good weight control; it must be a commitment to lifestyle.

My thanks to Mireille for her time and her sage advice. I am on my way to buy a yogurt machine and I love the advice about going to Paris!

MODERATOR: Our thanks to Mireille Guiliano and Kathleen Zelman for joining us today. And thanks to you, members, for your great questions. I'm sorry we couldn't get to all of them. For more information, please read French Women Don't Get Fat. Please check out the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic. For more discussion on this topic, be sure to visit the WebMD message boards to ask questions of our online health professionals and to share questions, comments, and support with other WebMD members.

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