Puttin' on the Glitz

12 ways to get head-to-toe holiday glamour in a hurry.

By Colette Bouchez
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Reviewed By Charlotte Grayson, MD

Cooking. Cleaning. Decorating. SHOPPING! Santa and the elves have nothing on us when it comes to a busy holiday season. As if that were not enough, we're also expected to look spectacular for all the socializing that goes on this time of year.

If glamming it up seems way too time-consuming for your busy life, take heart. Fashion and beauty experts who spoke to WebMD shared 12 tricks of the trade that can help you put on the glitz in record time.

1. Luscious lips. Among the most popular tricks of the glamour trade: Red lipstick for instant pizzazz. "If you wear a red lip color, you instantly signal 'glamour' -- even if you're wearing the simplest outfit," says Cheryl Kramer, beauty director for Redbook Magazine.

If you're thinking "oh no, not on me," Kramer says it's true -- not every woman can wear the classic matte red. But, she says, most of us can find at least a couple of shades of glossy red that look great.

Still not convinced? Makeup artist Craig Jessup suggests wearing a caramel-color "nude" lipstick topped with a bright berry gloss for a look that is both festive and trendy.

"When choosing a gloss, look for a fine grade of pearl pigment -- one that contains glitter, but ground very fine so that you don't actually see any particles. Then the look is just one of intense wetness and shine," says Jessup, resident makeup artist for the Kevyn Aucoin line of beauty products.

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