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Psychotic Depression

What Is Psychotic Depression?

Roughly 25% of people who are admitted to the hospital for depression suffer from what's called psychotic depression. In addition to the symptoms of depression, psychotic depression includes some features of psychosis -- like hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren't really there) or delusions (irrational thoughts and fears).

How Is Psychotic Depression Different Than Other Mental Illness?

While people with other mental illness, like schizophrenia , also experience these symptoms, those with psychotic depression are usually aware that these thoughts aren't true. They may be ashamed or embarrassed and try to hide them, sometimes making this type of depression difficult to diagnose. Having an episode of psychotic depression increases your risk of bipolar depression, recurring episodes of psychotic depression, and suicide.

What Are the Symptoms of Psychotic Depression?

Symptoms that occur commonly in psychotically depressed patients include:

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