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The Diet From Down Under

The pros and cons of a new Australian diet - and how it compares to popular U.S. diets.

By Heather Hatfield
WebMD Feature Reviewed By Louise Chang

South Beach and Atkins, move over. A new diet has emerged from Australia that will give these low-carb, high-protein plans a run for their money: The Total WellBeing Diet.

The diet was developed by the Australian government in response to an obesity epidemic that rivals that of the U.S. It claims to balance a well-rounded diet with a high level of protein, and even a dash of exercise. But is it really different from the popular U.S. diets?

One of the authors of the Total WellBeing Diet gives WebMD an inside look at what it is and why it was created, while experts in the U.S. look at its nutritional value and stack it up against Atkins and South Beach.

"The diet originated as a result of many public inquiries, as well as inquiries from the medical and health professional community wanting to know about the validity of some of the popular diets," says Manny Noakes, PhD. Noakes is leader of the research team that developed the Total WellBeing Diet at the Commonwealth Scientific Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia.

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