Is Your Diabetes Under Control?

If you have diabetes, tight control is important. Why? Diabetes is a progressive, chronic illness (meaning it can't be cured). That's why it must be managed- or tightly controlled- to minimize the disease's harmful effects on your body. How well are you doing?

  1. I follow my diabetes food plan.
    • Every day
    • Most days
    • What food plan?
  2. I check my feet for cuts and sores.
    • Very often
    • Occasionally
    • Only when my doctor reminds me
  3. I exercise.
    • Regularly, checking my blood sugar levels before and after
    • I prefer spectator sports
  4. I check my blood sugar levels.
    • Per my doctor's instructions
    • When I feel like it
    • I rarely remember


  1. Follow your diabetes food plan. If you don't have one, ask your doctor about seeing a dietitian / nutritionist who specializes in diabetes.
  2. Check your feet every day and maintain proper foot care, including nails and skin care. Check for cuts, blisters, red spots and swelling.
  3. Get 30-60 minutes of activity on most days of the week. Before changing your level of routine physical activity, check with your doctor.
  4. Check your blood glucose the way your doctor tells you to. High blood sugar can make you feel thirsty and tired, cause blurry vision or make you urinate often. Low blood sugar can make you feel weak, tired, confused or shaky.

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