Fen-Phen Heart Hazard

Fen-Phen was withdrawn from the market by the FDA in 1997. To read the press release from the FDA, and the report from the study published subsequent to the study discussed here, please read the Doctor's View, "Fen-Phen Combo Finished in FDA Finale."

ROCHESTER, MINN - The combination of two drugs, fenfluramine and phentermine has become a popular medical regimen together with dieting and exercise as a weight reduction program for obese individuals.

The New England Journal of Medicine released the findings of an upcoming unpublished report (1997) "because of the possible immediate implications for the health of the public."

Dr. Heidi M. Connolly and associates at the Mayo Clinic identified diseased heart valves in 24 women treated with fenfluramine- phentermine. None of the women had a history of heart disease. The women had symptoms suggesting heart abnormalities or a heart murmur. According to the report, "there appeared to be an association between these features and fenfluramine-phentermine therapy."

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