Health Makeover with Marilu Henner: Week Three (cont.)

Fay_Moderator: (laughs!)

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: So I wanted to do this as a dancing tape...

Blaine_Moderator: Cause the tip for this week is "The Must See TV Workout" .. what's that about?

Henner: Sometimes people sit in front of the television set and said they blew off 2 hours watching TV.

Blaine_Moderator: You were on one last night, by the way! We'll talk about that in a minute. Go ahead ...

Henner: I'm always saying, how about during commercials... you do a little bit of a workout?

Fay_Moderator: Right! (laughs)

Blaine_Moderator: Fortunately, WebMD doesn't have commercials ... so ...

Henner: You can do the ones from the traffic light, or you can just do arm flexes or things like that.

Blaine_Moderator: That's when they start honking at me! (laughs)

Henner: If you get one of those big rubber band things, you can do these stretches. Or put them behind your arms. Just squeeze your buttocks muscles, or suck in your stomach...

Fay_Moderator: It's kind of like the Pilates thing you do, right?

Henner: I wore this green shirt, very St. Patrick's day.

Blaine_Moderator: You're following up on St. Patrick's Day.

Fay_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: What you do is to make sure you can't back a piece of paper between your back and the floor. So put your legs up, and bring your knees this way, head donw, and bring your arms up this way, and now your stomach is tucked in, and you're going to do 100.

Fay_Moderator: (watches Marilu demonstrate ab exercises)

Henner: Not everybody will be able to do this, but doing that 100 is an amazing thing. So many different things you can do.

Blaine_Moderator: It's tough to drink beer and eat popcorn while you're doing that! (laughs)

Fay_Moderator: Right! (laughs)

Henner: So let's say you want to do anything, you're going to be... anything you can do where you're going to move.

Fay_Moderator: So, any kind of stretching too, really. Uh huh.

Henner: Any kind of stretching, but you can bring your legs up like this. Another good stretch is where you bring your leg up, and do this. Any light stretch that'll make you feel better. You'll get a little glow going and you'll feel better.

Blaine_Moderator: That's the end of the commercial and you're ready to watch the show again ... Well, we're going to talk about hangers in a minute, but you were on TV last night ... What was that? Tell us about it ...

Henner: I was on a movie called Tale of Two Bunnies. But I couldn't believe how many women had been bunnies, and it was a great opportunity for younger girls, 18 to 25, to make a thousand dollars a week. And it wasn't about servicing anybody. These girls weren't allowed to touch, date... and it was just a wonderful opportunity.

Fay_Moderator: Oh I saw that! Even for me in London in the 70's being a Bunny was not looked down upon, it was seen as quite the high job and a step away from being a Geisha girl or something. Yep. Very much. So, I enjoyed it.

Henner: Thank you.

Fay_Moderator: Are we going to go cooking? Yep? Okay. Good.

Blaine_Moderator: Marilu's going to show us ...

Henner: One of the things we can do earlier in the program is Joey's French Toast, and now we're going to add syrup to it.

Blaine_Moderator: Who is Joey? Tell us about Joey ....

Henner: Joey is ... Joey. He's my four year old... looks like a Leprechaun.

Fay_Moderator: (laughs!) Oh adorable! So, he demands French toast.

Henner: Nicky likes oatmeal, and Joey loves French toast. And Joey loves to cook.

Blaine_Moderator: Wow! Okay. All right, now what do we need for this French toast? And, our users should be able to see this up on their screen.

Fay_Moderator: Do we have napkins? Here they are. Right. Okay.

Henner: We're going to separate an egg, use one egg white. The real protein of the egg is in the yolk.

Blaine_Moderator: The concept of combining the carbohydrate with the protein ....

Henner: Rocks paper scissors of eating. I know that this works for me, and makes my body work more efficiently. I can really eat when I go out, have a great time with people, and the next day it goes right through me and it feels great. Food combining you want to eat within 3 hours.

Fay_Moderator: Constantly going through. Okay. Should we be grazers? Is grazing good for us? I'm grazing! I tell everyone ... it's two hours later! (laughs)

Henner: You don't want to overload yourself, and make sure there's enough coal to get the furnace going. You don't want to do so little. The biggest mistake is that people eat too little.

Fay_Moderator: Breaks down ... right.

Blaine_Moderator: mm hmm. While you're cooking there, I've got a question from one of the users ..

suez9_WebMD I have terrible cravings for sugar the week before and during my period ... any suggestions?

Henner: What you're doing is going through hormonal fluctuations, and you're going through that sweet, salty, etc... don't give into that first one because it's going to make you crazy.

Fay_Moderator: Right, right. That'll set you off, okay.

Henner: Eat the more centered foods.Centered foods create centered behavior. Have a nice bowl of pasta with light tomato sauce as opposed to a really salty meal. Don't have Chinese food because that'll be too salty.

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