Health Makeover with Marilu Henner: Week Three (cont.)

Blaine_Moderator: So, you're saying get these things ... get them in your fridge and have them ready for special occasions ....

Henner: And not even special occasions, do it for yourself. You can add zest and flavor to any dish you're preparing.

Blaine_Moderator: Great idea!

jacquelinef_WebMD What do you recommend for women on THM when they get pregnant re: changes?

Henner: I want to say hi to all the women who've been on my website, because it's become such a good community for people -- And I've been on this website last week, having so much fun... After my kids go to bed, I'm on that website.

Fay_Moderator: Right! (laughs!)

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: One of the books I'm writing now is Total Health Makeover for Children. I've gone through 2 pregnancies, had both of my children after I turned forty, and I stayed on that program the whole time. I thought I was getting ready for the Olympics. I saw myself as someone hosting a child, and if anything, I wanted to eat better than I ever did, rather than use it as an excuse to fall apart.

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: I might not have food combined as much, because I went through so many times without eating. I was working on Evening Shade when I was pregnant with my first son, so there'd be periods... You can eat this way on the program; my doctor endorsed it. I gained 28 pounds with each child, lost 28 of it within the first few weeks. And my second child like flew out of me; the resident was there with a catcher's mitt.

Fay_Moderator: Oh, right. (laughs!) Wow!

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: They were strong healthy boys, good weights. No problems. So I know this program works when you're pregnant.

Blaine_Moderator: While we're talking about children, you've written a book about child rearing ... what is that about?

Henner: It's called I Refuse to Raise a Brat, and it's really the parenting teacher of this brilliant psychoanalyst, and she and I wrote this book together, and its all her theories and I tell my stories from the front line of motherhood.

Blaine_Moderator: We'll have to have you back sometime to talk about raising children.

Henner: Great.

Blaine_Moderator: Your tip ... Throw a Pity Party ... what is that?

Henner: I hate people feeling sorry for themselves, I want to say "shake it off". Depression is anger turned inward. And that's why people get depressed, because they have anger and they turn it inward.

Fay_Moderator: Tell me about that, where does the anger go if not inward, I just experienced that over this weekend, I was angry over a certain situation, did not show it and then felt it going inward ....

Henner: I think what you have to do is talk it out.

Fay_Moderator: This was not a person, it was circumstances ... So ... (laughs!)

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: I think one of the best things to do is exercise, no question about it. That's amazing how it release those endorphins, and you feel so much better after you exercise.

Fay_Moderator: Exercise, okay.

Henner: Break a sweat for at least ten minutes everday.

Fay_Moderator: Okay.

Blaine_Moderator: It goes back to what you've always told us, break a sweat everyday ...

Henner: That's why I designed boot camp a certain day; I made a countdown 4 days to get your body adjusted, and then boot camp was 5 days because people would be in the groove. But you don't feel sorry for yourself. You have to be resilient. That's the #1 sign of emotional health, and the way to do that is to do something nice for somebody else. It's amazing when you look around you, there's always someone who needs something from you. Maybe you have something in terms of encouragement, and if you do something nice for somebody, it's going to make you feel better.

Blaine_Moderator: Give us an example from your life.

Henner: My mother, the summer before she died, I'd gone away in vacation and bought this bag I liked. She saw it and made hints that she liked it. To this day, I'm so sad... I can't believe I didn't give my mother that bag.

Fay_Moderator: (laughs!) You didn't give it to her !! ... Right.

Blaine_Moderator: (laughs!)

Henner: That hangs in my closet to remind me never to be selfish. I see that bag and I remember her face.

Blaine_Moderator: Great story .. we've got some questions from our users ... What do you do to keep your spirits so high?

Henner: I come from a very strong family, and having lost our parents early, my brothers and sisters are very close. My husband is fantastic, so I feel I'm very blessed with a good system. For a lot of people, you don't have that, and it's their biggest blessing as well.

Fay_Moderator: Don't you think you also create that, Marilu? Some people say, well I don't have a family. But you are the person who creates that mood, and that spirit, you've got to!

Henner: There's a tip maybe for next week, but its called "Give me a G". You try being the cheerleader for a change; so many people are walking around waiting for someone to tell them that it's okay to be the person they know they're meant to be. But it should come from them, and if you start that chain reaction and the first person to be that cheerleader, it's amazing how their attention units start to go out to people as well.

Blaine_Moderator: Mm hmm. What are these things that you do to cheer up other people?

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