Total Health Makeover with Marilu Henner: Week Three

By Marilu Henner
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Join actress Marilu Henner, star of stage and screen, for a four-week special WEBCAST series based on her popular book, 'The 30-Day Total Health Makeover.'

Event Date: 03/21/2000

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we are proud to present Total Health Makeover, with Marilu Henner. This week is the third in a four-part series based on Marilu Henner's immensely popular Total Health Makeover. In this installment, known as "The Green Week," Marilu discusses how you can get out there and socialize now that you're exercising regularly!

Marilu Henner has starred on stage, in several hit TV series, film, commercials, television movies and variety specials. She has also co-starred with some of Hollywood's leading men and worked with some of the best directors in Hollywood and on Broadway. She believes that with good health one can do it all. Now her secret is out. The knowledge and discipline which this actress, author and full-time mom has gathered to maintain her demanding schedule is available at bookstores, in the form of Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover. The book addresses her years of being overweight and stifled by bad health, and takes the reader through a journey of discovery. It is a story of trial and error, noting the connections made and compulsions untangled through knowledge, observation and understanding. It is a discussion, which reevaluates our ideas of fitness and demystifies the instant quick-fix regime, replacing it with a more ... of experience, and it is all based on a personal quest to combat unnecessary health risks and adapt an overall "sense" of our body's needs.

Blaine_Moderator: Morning Web MD users, this is Blaine Baird and my co-host Fay Greene! And, Marilu Henner!

Henner: Good morning! I feel like I'm part of the family now.

Moderator: The auditorium has been "hushed," which means you will be unable to see or communicate with other WebMD members during the duration of the event. To ask Marilu a question, please type /ask followed by your question (e.g. "/ask How are you?")

Blaine_Moderator: We've been talking for the past 2 weeks about her Total Health Makeover book and this week we're on Green, last week we were on Purple. Marilu, can you review for us?

Henner: I always think that the stages a person goes through in terms of discipline, they go through the colors of the rainbow. They decide to be disciplined and they go through purple mode, and that's very strict so that's when we have boot camp. The food is about reconditioning your palate, and getting rid of meat, sugar, dairy... but really pulling yourself in and looking at your life from a different angle.

Blaine_Moderator: I might interrupt, Fay and I have been through Purple week and Boot Camp and we're still alive!

Fay_Moderator: (laughs!)

Blaine_Moderator: (Laughs!)

Henner: Blue week, you get a little more relaxed and add some more food, and now you're starting to taste things a little differently, so your palate has become a bit more sensitive rather than desensitized with only the extreme flavors. And now we're moving into Green week, definitely more relaxed with more flavors and more foods, and we're still organizing. The whole theory of my book is that health isn't just what you eat, but a whole picture.

Fay_Moderator: Right.

Henner: We've been doing things like organizing our sock drawer, exercises, using things around our house to give us spa treatments.

Blaine_Moderator: Mm hmm ... I have one complaint though. Whenever I'm at a stoplight and do those exercises, the people behind me are always honking!

Henner: You don't have to do 25 repetitions!

Blaine_Moderator: Okay, cut down my reps! We're going to start the Green Week with the motivational tips. What's Plan B?

Fay_Moderator: I love that!

Henner: This is my #1 theory of my life. Plan B... is where you plan for Plan A, get organized, decide how you're going to spend your day, and then life comes up and smacks you between your eyes and say you're going to go this way instead. There's either disappointment, or something happens to you constantly that thwarts Plan A, so it's your adjustment to Plan B that really makes your life.

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