Health Makeover: Week Two with Marilu Hennner (cont.)

Blaine_Moderator: Any special shopping they need to do to get ready for the week?

Henner: Some things. There's a shopping list in here, but you'll see that the recipes get less like a diet.

Fay_Moderator: Right.

Henner: I've had so many incredible women on my website, telling me that once they got into it, they could live on this forever.

Fay_Moderator: So, we're at Day 17.

Henner: Right.

Blaine_Moderator: We've probably dropped a few pounds, feeling more energetic, feeling more terrific and our socks are organized!

Fay_Moderator: Are kids are in the hamper! (laughs)

Blaine_Moderator: Marilu, thanks for joining us!

Henner: Thank you. I'll see you guys next week!

Fay_Moderator: Yes, Marilu, thank you so much for joining us again!

Blaine_Moderator: And, thanks to all you WebMD users out there, have a terrific week and do join us again for "30 Day Total Health Makeover".

Blaine_Moderator: Good day everyone.

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