Health Makeover: Week Two with Marilu Hennner (cont.)

This is a motivational tip I talked about, and I don't know why this is true, but when somebody pointed this out to me... give any problem, drama, crisis, or the way you feel about something... you give it 36 hours and you watch it change. Let's say you have a fight with somebody, if you wait 36 hours, you'll see the fight so differently. You just have to wait that time. Or you watch anything; let's say you feel bad about something, and you feel rejected as an actress. But if I hear that I don't get a job that I auditioned for, within 36 hours, my perspective changes. Just wait the 36 hours, and the world or your thinking will shift. You'll feel a lot better about it. So many people want to put any feeling they have right into action; they think it's going to make them feel better. But your feelings aren't going to kill you, just don't take action on them.

Moderator: What are some ways to reduce stress?

Henner: I think definitely exercise. Whenever I'm stressed out, I take a walk or get on the treadmill or dance. If you're stressful, the worst thing you can do is buy into the stress and do something that's going to make you more stressful. I think you're so much better off if you're stressed, to deal with that stress by exercising and taking care of yourself. The biggest thing I recommend is that you do something nice for somebody else. And that takes that negative energy from you and puts it in a positive way towards somebody else. There's a stress-buster right there! (There's so many little things we can do for one another, that we miss the opportunity to do!

I recommend people take a week off of soy products, that during the purple week, I wasn't letting people get soy just in case they were taking dairy out of their system. Here, we combine different soy products so they become a little more complicated, but a little more festive and enjoyable. The first week, we were so strictly food combining, proteins and vegetables, but this time we're adding some beans. Because they're the great connected. It's funny because everything I talk about is great information that I've read and experimented with, and I know has worked for me and other people. I feel that I'm the messenger, and I want to share what I find with the world.

Did you have soy beans with the sushi? It's better to have beans than peanuts.

Moderator: Is there a substitute for regular eggs?

Henner: I think eggs are interesting, if you get free-ranged where the eggs don't have hormones and antibiotics.... I eat egg whites. But if there's a whole egg in a healthy cake recipe, I'll eat that as well. But there are wonderful egg substitutes. The better ones.

Moderator: What is your opinion on sushi? Is it as healthy as everyone says it is?

Henner: I'm a big sushi lover, because I love the raw fish. I think you have to be careful, and go to a reputable place, and be careful about what you order. You never give sushi to a child under 5 years old. My kids go to sushi bars with me, but they'll have California rolls with the cooked crabs... Right, they always eat soybeans after.

Think of your face as this wall that needs spackle in a few areas. One of the things I love is this pencil... It looks like the color of skin, and it just fills in the little spots... You put on your own makeup, but do you put on concealer? Why don't you put it on? She's very easy; I wear base. I put concealer on my eyes first. Certain people, if you've got your period or if you're tired... Right. You might need a little bit of concealer. So you put on the inside of your eyes... Let's say we want do this a little bit... It would just smooth out your face a little bit.

I'm the best person to go to on a vacation, because I'm the person like "do you want something to drink? A magazine?"

So I do have flaws in my face, so I'm always filling in the dents, bites, my moles... So now, your blush. You put your blush... You gave me a girl that never wears makeup!

Moderator: How much is too much makeup?

Henner: If you can see a strong, heavy makeup on somebody and tell exactly where they've put it... it's too much. Afterwards, you want to take that same brush... and what you're going to do is go over it... It just smoothes it all out. And I'll take the same brush I put the blush on, and take another brush... Just take that brush and put it on all those other areas... just powder. And I've got a smaller brush to go around the other areas. So you don't do your eyes or anything? I think people look better on makeup, but unfortunately on camera...

Moderator: What are some of the effects of using makeup all the time on the skin?

Henner: I think it clogs your pores, and one day a week, preferably two, you should wear absolutely nothing and let your skin breathe. I call it "no-makeup" Sunday. What you should do is make sure you have a mirror and nice even light coming in, because otherwise you'll put it on in fluorescent light, and it'll look garish outside. So look at your makeup during the day. Makeup should always look natural. So one thing to do is powder over it with light powder. You're welcome!

I think everybody should have their sock drawer organized. But another thing is that when you exercise, you should wear two pairs of socks. In the book, I recommend Vaseline but I don't do that anymore. It's the most amazing cream I've ever found. Put this on and wear two pairs of socks... and you won't get any blisters while you're working out or have any foot problems, because the socks will absorb the moisture, and having two socks will keep your feet from rubbing against the sock or shoe.

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