Health Makeover: Week Two with Marilu Hennner (cont.)

Kydnew_WebMD: I am thinking ahead to Easter - what do you do with your kids re: chocolate and candy baskets?

Henner: This is how you do it; there's a great company called Tropical Source with non-dairy non-sugar chocolate. And what I end up doing is for our big Easter Egg hunt, I put some of the Tropical Source chocolates in there... and there are so many products out there, and they have wonderful non-sugar, non-dairy chocolates. Right. Absolutely. They have great licorices and things you can feed your children that are still sweet and pleasure-like, but won't give them that kiddy-cocaine rush that sugar does.

Moderator: I have a boy who is 7 and a girl who is 9. They want to take yoga lessons; are they too young?

Henner: I think if you go to a reputable place, yoga is very strict and very strong. I think you need somebody who does a combination of yoga and more exercise. I don't think they can do the really intense moves... You have to wait until certain bones are developed for those real strict moves. But a beginners class.

So many people, and I have this one friend, and she comes over and helps me with my own clothes, and she has this tip -- "shopping your own closet". If you're used to seeing a jacket and skirt together, break them up and don't be afraid to mix vintage with modern clothes, or a jean jacket with satin skirt... Don't be afraid to break things up and see your wardrobe in a different way. You can hang things up differently so you'll never see clothes in the same way. For example, here's just a little satin skirt and top. And I've never worn these together. But I wear these all the time with black jeans... And the skirt, I'll wear with something like a jean jacket, and I'll put this over this. And I'll wear this with black pants... Or I'll wear this with a black turtleneck... So you think of your different pieces, and you've got 7 out of 3 pieces. Just break it up, and if you think that way, not only have you saved money, but you'll be more creative. Believe me, I've had so many things in my wardrobe.

A great thing for people to do, is go to the store and you don't have any money or credit cards, but see what's out there. And then you go home to your closet and see what's in there. I'm big on constantly going through wardrobes and cleaning out. People look so much thinner and healthier if they sat straighter or stood up straighter. It also makes a better presentation.

One of the tips that's really good to do, is when you get into your car in the morning, sit straight and adjust your mirror to that position... and in that day, when you get back into your car... I was coming down Beverly Glen today, and I saw a woman put on her entire makeup. She was good! But I knew she couldn't see me because the rearview mirror was focused on her. So when you get back into your car, don't adjust your mirror down, re-adjust your posture.

I think it should be on your body. What you do is that you have to find your center, and I'd like us to find our center now. Get on the floor and put your legs up on the table. If you just completely relax, and feel your back pushing against the floor, so you're tucked under... That's your center. That's what you want to feel all day long. As if your back wasn't arched, but supported by the floor and your butt is tucked under. Everything can move from there; you can do anything from there.

Moderator: When should people start worrying about their posture?

Henner: I think you can see it in children. Posture is very learned; people say that people have their father's body.... but they develop by following that posture.

Moderator: What types of nutritional supplementation can help with posture?

Henner: I think the best kind of nutritional advice I can give anyone is that if you're eating live food, fresh real food... you're food combining and not eating the things that create a full intestines... if your stomach is cleaned out and you're walking around with 3 days of undigested food, you're not going to have good posture. The more efficient your body is working, the more centered you're going to be. A good nutritional diet is more important for your diet than anything else.

Moderator: What are common ways that we damage our posture?

Henner: Making your purse way too heavy. Let's say I carry my bag all the time on my left, so for a few days, I'll carry it on my right. No, no, ... I never carry a heavy bag. So either switch sides or wear the strap across your body, so you'll be in balance. If you're mindful of it, it's amazing how many things you can do during your day to change your posture.

Moderator: Thank you all for your questions! Please keep them coming!

Henner: Kids are walking around like this! And you know they're going to have trouble as adults!

Moderator: What can I do to correct posture?

Henner: I think you have to find your center, I think taking something like a dance class or yoga will definitely help you, where you stretch your body... any classes that are concentrated on elongating you. But throughout your day, check your posture, and if you find yourself like this, sit up straighter.

Al_Pavy_WebMD: Where should I keep my arms when I do sit-ups?

Henner: You can put them in different places, but when I do sit-ups... I always put them behind my head like this, but I always make sure my back is completely flat against the floor and my knees are up, so its almost like having a large beach ball in this area, so when you come up, you're coming up around something. Right.

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