Total Health Makeover: Week Two with Marilu Henner

By Marilu Henner
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Join actress Marilu Henner, star of stage and screen, for a four-week special WEBCAST series based on her popular book, 'The 30-Day Total Health Makeover.'

Marilu Henner has starred on stage, in several hit TV series, film, commercials, television movies and variety specials. She has also co-starred with some of Hollywood's leading men and worked with some of the best directors in Hollywood and on Broadway. She believes that with good health one can do it all. Now her secret is out. The knowledge and discipline which this actress, author and full-time mom has gathered to maintain her demanding schedule is available at bookstores, in the form of Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover. The book addresses her years of being overweight and stifled by bad health, and takes the reader through a journey of discovery. It is a story of trial and error, noting the connections made and compulsions untangled through knowledge, observation and understanding. It is a discussion, which reevaluates our ideas of fitness and demystifies the instant quick-fix regime, replacing it with a more beautiful method. Her philosophy is culled from years of experience, and it is all based on a personal quest to combat unnecessary health risks and adapt an overall "sense" of our body's needs.

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Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we are proud to present Total Health Makeover, with Marilu Henner.

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Henner: Good morning! Well purple week is the strictest part of the program, because when people first go on something that's going to change their lives, they're very gung-ho in the beginning, so I thought I'd make it strict in the beginning and easier as the weeks went on. Last week, we asked people to stay off meat, alcohol ... I gave them tips because I felt that total health isn't about what you eat and how you feel, but how you create the space around you. So we gave people tips... including a total health make-over tip.

This week is Blue Week, and the program gets a bit more relaxed, and not as strict as it was last week. We have our 7 tips for them as well. That's great! I hope people doing it are feeling better, because that's usually the result. Tweaking your life in that direction will make a difference; people won't do all 7 tips in a day, but maybe they are... but at least they'll do 1 or 2 of them, and that will make a change. It/s those little things that start to add up.

People sometimes say that health food is more expensive, and I say that if more people bought the better health foods, the prices would go down because it would be supplying the demand. But I also say that if you're going to spend more on your food it'll still be less expensive than bad health. There's nothing more expensive than not feeling good or being sick later on in life.

My site is: A lot of the women on my site are starting Purple Week this week. I wish them good luck too. Which one are we doing first? Rediscovering the child in you!

People think exercising is this big drudgery we have to do every day, and you see children running around breaking sweats. My mother used to say to me, "run around the block a couple times to let that energy out," and I feel that way with my two little boys... they have so much energy that just keeping up with them is exercise. So I'm asking people to find something that they love to do, and whether its to go out and pitch a ball... So maybe run around with your kids, or put on music and dance around your house, but just get yourself moving... Because I think that's the biggest problem with people; they don't know how to get up and move.

Moderator: What types of exercise activities can I do with my children?

Henner: Put on music and dance around, or play follow the leader... put on a great CD, and go all over your house, and take turns imitating one another, and you won't believe how much exercise it is. Children will get more creative, more physical... and you'll have to follow them. Or go out, throw a ball around, whatever you can do with your kids. I sound like a sports person and I'm not!

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