Eating on the Road Is a Piece of Cake: How the Stars Keep It Off with Nikki Haskell

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Former Hollywood starlet Nikki Haskell is the author of numerous books and articles who has her own beauty line. She will be discussing how the stars manage to eat healthily while on the go.

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we are discussing Eating on the Road Is a Piece of Cake: How the Stars Keep It Off with Nikki Haskell.

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Nikki Haskell, inspired by the accomplishments of women like Estee Lauder, is an entrepreneur working toward creating an empire. A former Wall Street Stockbroker, Nikki shifted her focus to the entertainment industry and became a film producer, talk show hostess, and an extraordinary party-giver. Her latest accomplishment is in the field of health and beauty. Her company, Balanced Health Products, has launched a national campaign for Nikki Haskell's STARCAPS, a highly effective dietary supplement which is widely used by celebrities, personalities, and movie stars all over the world.

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Nikki, welcome back to WebMD Live.

Why were you not invited to the "Great Natural Debate"?

Haskell: Are you talking about the one in Washington D.C. where all the people who have all the different diet books out were there? I'm quite surprised I wasn't invited. One reason I should have been is because all the other people invited were men. These books that these people have written were geared for men. And even though my book is geared for both men and women, women diet much more than men. Men are more successful in dieting. A woman's system changes several times during the month making it very difficult to diet. But, I should have been invited and am surprised I wasn't. But, for those who followed it, it wasn't as successful as I hoped. One of the things talked about, for instance, Dr. Atkins' book, and this is one of those diets that you can lose weight, but it's very high in cholesterol and calories. They recommend pork and bacon and things that are bad for you. So you can lose weight, but you end up dying. And the other ones, the calories counts are so high that for women, I know if I went on that diet I would gain weight. You have to make diet books for both men and women. None of those diet books really were realistic. And, I hope next time they will include me in the debate with those who've written diet books. A lot of these people write books but don't put the diet in practice, but I on a daily basis am involved in getting people on the right track and dieting on a daily basis.

Moderator: Why is it easier for men to lose weight?

Haskell: Well, a lot of women are premenstrual, which makes you retain a tremendous amount of fluid making it very difficult to diet. For a man's system, there is not change during the month, so when he gets into the mode of dieting it makes it much easier. Women have health obstacles and also go through changes in their cycles. That's why Star Caps are so great because they regulate your system making it easier to diet. They're made out of papaya and garlic and it detoxes your body and flushes fluids you retain during this period of time.

Moderator: Do you see the dieting industry changing in the future?

Haskell: I hope that it will change. That's why I wrote The Star Diet because I felt those that were out there were fad diets. When you eat certain groups of food, yes, you will lose weight, but you can't continue to do that your whole life. What I tried to address in my book is an upbeat approach and realistic approach to eating. You have to start teaching your children from the day they're born the proper way to eat. Nutrition and diet is something you do for the rest of your life. Eating properly is the key to your health. Your body is like an engine. What you put in your body will, A, determine how long you live and in what condition you are. If you're going to continue to eat foods that are bad for you. As a young child, you can eat coca-colas and candy bars, but as an adult, if you don't get the right amounts of protein and things, you'll suffer when you're older.

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