10 Life-Changing Steps To Turning Attitude Into Action with Keith Harrell

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Motivational speaker and author, Keith Harrell, will discuss how to gain control of your career and life by eliminating negative attitudes.

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live's Mind Matter Auditorium. Today we are discussing "Attitude is Everything: 10 Life-Changing Steps To Turning Attitude Into Action" with Keith Harrell.

Keith Harrell is a certified speaker, trainer and consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of the book and training system, Attitude is Everything: A Tune-up to Enhance Your Life; the facilitator based video program, Change: The Power for Growth; and the audio, video, study guide series, "Attitude is Everything."

Keith, welcome to WebMD Live.

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Harrell: Thanks very much.

Moderator: What makes your book Attitude is Everything: A Tune-up to Enhance Your Life different from all of the other books on attitude?

Harrell: First off, it's more than just a book to read. It's a book to do. Attitude is Everything: A Tune-Up To Enhance Your Life is built around 10 life changing steps to help people turn their life and turn their attitude into action. This book gives readers practical things they can do to get results in their life. Attitude is so important because over the past 10 years, I've had the opportunity to interview thousands of people from all walks of life about their successes and failures. If I had to put all that knowledge and wisdom into one word, that word would be attitude. Attitude is defined as your feelings, mood, or mindset. They're involved in all that we do; I have a one word definition - it's life. As a life-coach, I help people turn their moods, mindsets, and attitude into action to get results. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Moderator: In your book you give ten steps to turning attitude into action. What are they?

Harrell: #1 - To understand the power of attitude. #2 - To choose to take charge of your life, regardless of your circumstances, setbacks... #3 - To identify through what I call an "attitude of self-awareness" the things that hold you back as well as those things that propel you forward; knowing what those things are. #4 - How to reframe your bad attitude and see things from a different perspective. #5 - How to find your purpose and passion; how to set up a "work-life game plan" and have a plan and strategy for your life. #6 - How to be pre-active; knowing that life is going to have problems, but how can you keep moving forward. #7 - How do I motivate myself? What are things I can do to motivate me? #8 - How to build supportive relationships; that's a key thing for all of us, but how to build people that I can connect with that are going to be there for me. # 9 - Seize changes and opportunity; many of the corporations I talk to are going through mergers and acquisitions; how can I see change as a power to grow. #10 - How to leave a lasting legacy, to realize that life is more than about you, and how you can make a difference in the life of somebody else.

Moderator: How did you come up with these ten points?

Harrell: Through my 14 years at IBM, and being in sales and recognizing people able to make their quotas and achieve their success. And years of being a college athlete, and in the last 10 years, just speaking to thousands of people and realizing why some people can bounce back faster, or people like Tiger Woods can win 6 tournaments in a row. Reading and studying successful people; and just thinking about God and how he gives us an instruction manual. But it's how we take that information and make it simplistic, and put it in a step-by-step process, and I give it to you in this book.

Moderator: Why is it important to avoid toxic people?

Harrell: Because you have 2 kinds of people in this world -- those that pull you up and those that pull you down. You set up a no-toxic zone because that can drain your positive attitude. When you're around somebody negative, they can zap you of your enthusiasm and your energy, and talk you out of not trying. It's contagious and just like a cancer, so you want to make sure you're going to be aware of people like that out there.

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