Menopause: Super Nutrition for Menopause (cont.)

Moderator: How is weight gain associated with menopause?

Gittleman: Weight gain is usually a symptom of estrogen dominance. Or, it can also be symptomatic of a slow down in the thyroid gland production, so that your system becomes more sluggish and you're not burning your calories as efficiently. Again, this is where the natural progesterone cream, and my favorite if I may plug this is one called, Progesta-Key, comes in very handy. Now, for women that are at the menopausal stage of life, you need to watch your carbohydrates very carefully because we also find that excessive amounts of carbohydrates produce insulin which triggers more fat in the system. And more fat is connected to elevated levels of circulating estrogens. So, again, pick up Living Beauty because it's got a diet that will help in all of those regards.

stickerG_WebMD This is a great chat. I am going to buy your book for my mother. What a great resource! Thanks.

Gittleman: Thank you so much. We'll continue this into a "part two" program. I'm personally very gratified that we had so many younger women. I wish I knew then what I know now so you are way ahead of the game. I congratulate you!

Moderator: Any last thoughts from today's chat?

Gittleman: I would say that I believe that you can say goodbye to hormone havoc and sail through your PMS, your peri-menopause and your menopause simply by understanding and then controlling their symptoms. So, it's my hope that you will all be empowered to choose natural options to take care of yourself and that you will continue to feel great through every phase of your life.

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