Songs and Hope for Children with AIDS with Debra Davis

By Debra Davis
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Debra Davis, Lisa Stangl, and Margot Andrew will discuss bringing hope to the lives of children with HIV and AIDS. Debra Davis will be singing in this special AUDIOCAST event.

Event Date: 03/20/2000

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Our guests today are Debra Davis, Lisa Stangl, and Margot Andrew. Debra, Margot, Lisa, thank you all for joining us today.

Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we are proud to present a live audiocast, "Songs and Hope for Children with AIDS" with Debra Davis, Lisa Stangl, MSN, CPNP, and Margot Andrew.

Debra Davis is an introspective and inventive artist whose new CD, "Angels in the Attic," contains several songs that have recently been featured on the WB's "Dawson's Creek," the new CBS series "Grapevine" and Lifetime TV's "Beyond Chance." The Debra Davis Angel Story Competition For Kids, in conjunction with Reading is Fundamental (RIF) and Farren Music America, is encouraging kids to tap into their creativity and personal experiences to write a story about an angel in their life. She is also a special advocate of Camp Laurel, a year-round camp for children with HIV/AIDS.

Margot Andrew is the founder, president, executive director and chairman of the board of Camp Laurel Foundation, INC., and Lisa Stangl, MSN, CPMP, is the medical director of Camp Laurel, which is a nonprofit organization that provides hundreds of children living with HIV and AIDS an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while forming support groups with their peers.

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Debra, Margot, Lisa, welcome to WebMD Live.

Davis: Thank you!

Moderator: What is Camp Laurel?

Andrew: Sure. Camp Laurel was founded in 1992. We're non-profit and we provide year-round camps for children living with HIV and AIDS and they come from all around the world, from the ages of 8 to 18.

Moderator: Lisa can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Stangl: I am the medical director for Camp Laurel and have been involved for the past 5 years. I've been in education of HIV/AIDS dealing specifically with children living with HIV /AIDS.

Moderator: And Debra, tell us about yourself and introduce your band.

Davis: Yeah! I have my band here, Nick on guitar and Dave on drums and percussion goodies! (laughs!) And we're playing some songs from my new CD "Angels in the Attic" and got connected through the L.A. Marathon. I'm also doing an angel story competition for kids and the camp is going to work with that.

Moderator: Congratulations on your CD. Can you tell us a little bit about this competition?

Davis: Well, it was kind of inspired by kids that come to our shows in all cities in California and beyond. My music isn't kids' music per se but they come sit in the front rows and since it's inspired by the theme of angels, I'd have them write stories of an angel in their lives. Something positive, that makes them feel good and protected. We got 100's of stories and so far it's going to be a book for the kids.

Moderator: Lisa, can we talk a little bit about pediatric AIDS? Most of the world thinks that at least in this country, AIDS is a disease of IV, drug abusers, gay men... why is there a pediatric AIDS foundation?

Stangl: That has been the belief and, unfortunately, that has closed people's eyes in dealing with children with HIV. Children are affected with this disease and the numbers worldwide are astounding. It does affect children and most children acquire it peri-natally or is transferred from the mother during birth.

Moderator: These are children who don't participate in drug abuse, no sexual activity, but are born with these disease?

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