At Home with the Hellers: Cooking, Healthy Hearts and a Little Romance with Richard F. Heller, Ph.D. and Rachel Heller

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At Home with the Hellers: Cooking, Healthy Hearts and a Little Romance with Richard F. Heller, Ph.D. and Rachel Heller

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Moderator: Good evening and thank you for joining us... and Happy Valentine's Day! We're here live with Drs. Rachel and Richard Heller.

Dr. Heller: Thank you, it's good to be here!

Dr. Heller: Always a pleasure.

Moderator: Welcome!

Dr. Heller: And, we want to thank WebMD for making this possible.

Moderator: The one with the high pitch is Rachel, and the lower pitch is Richard (laughs)

Dr. Heller: (laughs) Thank you and the same to you!

Moderator: The Drs. Heller have written several books...

Dr. Heller: Well, at this point, in related areas, we have something like 9 books, 3 national bestsellers and we have the latest NY Times bestseller.

Moderator: Congratulations!

Dr. Heller: We're excited about it because we've been able to come up with a program that meets the AHA's guidelines but helps the carbo addicts cut their cravings and is sensitive to them.

Dr. Heller: Yes, focused on a common problem that many with heart problems are facing ... the foods that they're eating all day long are causing the release of insulin [to be] so high.

Moderator: So, the diet we'll talk about is the Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program.

Dr. Heller: But, the best part is that while you're reducing your risk for high blood pressure, and diabetes and other diseases.

Moderator: What I'd like our users to know is that the Hellers are not talking from an ivory tower. They have lost 200 pounds between them!

Dr. Heller: Yes, in my own case, I've lost 45 pounds and kept it off for years.

Moderator: That's wonderful Richard!

Dr. Heller: I've lost 56 pounds and kept it off struggle free, but we've also lost our health problems. I had high blood pressure (stroke level) and Richard had high cholesterol and chest pains.

Dr. Heller: The extra weight is an indication, quite often, of high levels of insulin that might lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Dr. Heller: But, we felt we were digging our graves with our forks and that's the worst part of all, you're blaming yourself and others are blaming you as well.

Moderator: And Doctors, back to our Valentine's theme, you've really eaten yourselves into a very romantic lifestyle!

Dr. Heller: We celebrate on all levels! If you can imagine meeting the person who's an exact copy of you of the opposite sex and loves the same things you love and also loves the same reward meals that you do ... (laughs) It's absolute bliss!

Moderator: Doctors, we're encouraging our audience to submit their we're going to run a cooking show from the Drs. Heller.

Dr. Heller: We'll just be romantic until then (chuckle) ....

Moderator: thanks for all of your questions. We'll present them to the Hellers after the cooking show. Thank you.

Event_Moderator Welcome to the WebMD Live Special Events Auditorium. Our guests this afternoon are Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller, who will demonstrate how-to cooking for healthy hearts and a little romance. Welcome Drs. Hellers.

Moderator: And we're back live with Dr's Richard and Rachael Heller

Moderator: Drs, thanks so much for the cooking demonstration. We enjoyed it as much as you

Dr. Heller: Our pleasure! We're cleaning up the kitchen right now.

Moderator: Do you have anything to say before we get to the questions?

Dr. Heller: Everybody who's online now is invited over for dinner! Actually, with all of the demands on people with weight and health, they've forgotten or feel ashamed of the pure joy of enjoying your food.

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