Star Light, Star Bright, What Do I Eat Tonight? with Nikki Haskell

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Former Hollywood starlet Nikki Haskell is the author of numerous books and articles who has her own beauty line. She will be discussing how to choose a diet and attain star-like beauty.

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we will be discussing "Star Light, Star Bright, What Do I Eat Tonight?" with Nikki Haskell.

Nikki Haskell, inspired by the accomplishments of women like Estee Lauder, is an entrepreneur working towards creating an empire. A former Wall Street stockbroker, Nikki shifted her focus to the entertainment industry and became a film producer, talk show hostess, and an extraordinary party-giver. Her latest accomplishment is in the field of health and beauty. Her company, Balanced Health Products, has launched a national campaign for Nikki Haskell's StarCaps, a highly effective dietary supplement which is widely used by celebrities, personalities, and movie stars all over the world. Her Internet presence is at

Nikki, welcome to WebMD Live.

Haskell: Thank you very much, it's nice to be here.

juda6_Excite I have high cholesterol, and want to know how to work on it.

Haskell: That's a tough question because a lot of that is inherited. If one of your family members has it, you have to watch what you eat, you can't eat any fatty foods, you have to eat a lot of veggies. You have to see a doctor, because they have great medications. Lipitor is very effective ... it's hard to get your cholesterol down ... eggs are high in it, but I don't recommend not eating them due to high cholesterol. There are some good medications on the market that can bring it right down, as well as natural remedies, but I've never seen the natural ones really be that effective. Eggs are good cholesterol, though. Industry spokespersons come out to defend their products and eggs have taken the biggest rap. When you compare them to all the hamburgers and fried things and potatoes that people are eating though, they're not that bad.

Moderator: What are some easy tips for cutting excess fat out of a diet, without noticing or missing it too much?

Haskell: Well, the best thing to do is to eliminate anything fried. That immediately tells you it's high in cholesterol .. donuts. Anything fattening is high in cholesterol. They used to tell you to take Niacin, which was ... the problem with that is that they used to recommend that to lower cholesterol, but it gives you hot flashes. So, there's no easy way out. If your cholesterol is above 200, you should see a doctor and have them put you on medication. I don't eat much cholesterol, but my system manufactures it, it's hereditary. My brother and I both have high cholesterol and we both watch our diets like you can't imagine!Exercise is good to lower it too.

Billy_de_WebMD What can I take to decrease my appetite?

Haskell: StarCaps, my diet pill, even though it doesn't have an appetite suppressant in it, it gets the fat out of your system. If you can cut back on your intake of fat, it signals your brain that you want more fat, if you can cut this out of your diet, it's much easier to cut the cholesterol but also cut your appetite. The trick is to keep your refrigerator empty. And, if you get snack attacks, they usually happen in the afternoon, cause that's when your blood sugar drops. I try to eat celery and carrots or boil an artichoke. But, that's why I invented my dietetic candies, they're fat and sugar free and have a fat blocker and antioxidant in them called 'Cambogia Garcinia'. 'Royal Jelly' and 'Korean and Siberian Ginseng' as well as 'Chromium Piccolinate'. And, the combination of these lift your blood sugar so that you don't get the sugar attack. And, if you get a snack attack, if you can munch on a carrot or eat celery, it'll usually pass within five minutes.

Moderator: Where are your StarCaps, candies and other products available?

Haskell: My products are available at GNC, Great Earth, Vitamin Shop, or you can buy it on my website:, or 1-800-481-THIN.

juda6_Excite what are some easy and quick foods to eat that are good for you?

Haskell: Well, let's start with breakfast .... It's always good to have either a grapefruit or orange juice or berries. For lunch, salads, lettuce, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce has no calories, no nutrients either or no calories. I like to make a big salad with cucumbers and radishes and onions and then I make my ... I have a few recipes ....

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