Relationships: The Search For Ms. Right (cont.)

Put the compromise in place, and if either party doesn't stick to it, discuss it again in that same non-threatening way, and resolve to not do it. Constant communication and compromise are essential - not just waiting till you are pissed and start yelling and screaming at each other.

Moderator Of course, as divorce rates skyrocket in the US, more and more people are simply living together. What do you make of this?

Peter Bartula For some people (especially older people who are more secure with their relationships) this is fine. Marriage is a bond of security. Many people want the knowledge that a commitment has been made that is hard to get out of, so you'll work out problems when they occur instead of packing up and leaving at the first sign of trouble. If you are confident that you can do that without a ring, why get the piece of paper - it certainly doesn't help you at tax time! I got married because I felt that it would make my wife more secure in our relationship, but if we didn't, I'd have been OK with it.

Moderator So, I'm afraid we've almost reached the end of our hour with Peter Bartula today...
Any closing thoughts, Sir?
  ... things we may have missed?

Peter Bartula Yes, remember the the perfect woman could be right around the corner, but you aren't going to find her by sitting on your couch and watching Friends! Get out there and keep slugging away. If you want some more advice (or just a bunch of laughs) pick up my book, The Complete Male Handbook for Sex, Dating, and Other Trivial Stuff. Also, check out the web-site

In closing - enjoy dating, it may have it's down times, but someday you'll be married with screaming kids and a mortgage that you can't afford - no matter what point of life you are at, make the most of it - there are no do-overs in life!

Moderator What's up next for you... is this the first in a series?'

Peter Bartula Maybe, the next one is tentatively titled "The Complete Married Man's Handbook for Do I Look Fat in This?, Poopie Diapers and Other Trivial Stuff - we'll see how this one does first, though. So tell everyone you know to buy it, and that will entice me to write again!!!!!!!

Moderator Well, Sir... it's certainly been a pleasure having you by today.   I've certainly passed your book along to some of my romantically-troubled friends, and they've enjoyed it quite a bit.

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