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Event_Moderator My child is afraid of needles. Are there alternatives to needles, like air guns, which I can request my doctor use on my child?

Dr_Goldman_Speaker I don't think there is much use. The only way you get an air gun is when you have a mass immunization, I think. I remember when we had Saban on Sunday. This is when the vaccine for polio came out from Dr. Saban and in order to immunize as many as possible, they used to have doctors and nurses go to different places, schools, etc. and people would line up and we'd immunize them. We had air guns and shots and what have you. But that's usually for mass immunization. For the run of the mill every day most doctors rely on needles. I used to be afraid of needles too so I understand what the child is going through. You just have to comfort them and in most cases they'll live through it.

Event_Moderator What do you think is the most important information that a parent should know about taking care of their child when they are sick?

Dr_Goldman_Speaker Doing the right thing. Depending upon what is the nature of the problem, take them to a physician. Use simple measures initially. If they're vomiting, definitely take them to a physician. If they have a fever, check with your physician with regard to either giving them Tylenol or Motrin. See that they eat properly and keep liquids in them, and basically following traditional methods. But, if the simple measures don't work, definitely take them into your physician.

I'd like to thank all of you for your questions. I'm not a pediatrician and I want you to know, but I've taken care of a lot of children. And, interestingly enough, the basic measures still apply. Good nutrition, rest, immunizations, etc.

Years ago we didn't have immunizations and that's when we had a lot of problems. Now we have immunizations and don't have those problems basically. Since most of the questions were regarding children. Please have your child immunized. You won't have any choice since the schools are requiring it. And that's for your protection, as well as for your child's and you won't see the complications we have in the past. And stay well! Especially during this season. Drink a lot of liquids.

And, if I may just add one more addition to the treatment of colds and flus, etc., especially with regard to this being a flu season and senior citizens being exposed. They do have medications you can give a patient that will protect you somewhat from getting the flu. That's been around for a long time and is available now. It doesn't always protect the individual depending upon the strain that is circulating in a season. But there is a medicine available for adults, as well as children.

And, those individuals who have asthma, which is very common, should be immunized against the flu because if they get the flu and they develop asthma, asthma has been causing a lot of complications lately. So, if a child has asthma, get him/her immunized; it's very important. As long as they're not allergic to eggs. That's very important.

Event_Moderator Dr. Goldman, thank you for joining us.

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