Arthritis and Active Sports (cont.)

Event_Moderator Drs. Zampieron and Kamhi's book, "Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide: Arthritis," is available in bookstores.

What is your opinion of acupuncture for relieving arthritis?

Zampieron_Speaker My opinion is as a practicing acupuncturist and a physician trained in Chinese medicine, is that it remains not only one of the best therapies for pain, but when practiced by a competent practioner trained in traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and herbal treatment, it becomes one of the cornerstones in arthritis therapy. However, each case must be evaluated on its own merit, and the acupuncture points used are different in many patients. In other words, we individualize the treatment.

Kamhi_Speaker There has been a lot research both over seas and here in the U.S. proving the efficacy of acupuncture in pain management. In fact, it can be covered by your insurance with a diagnosis of pain. It also has low side effects. However, acupuncture by itself, although it can address pain, needs to be combined with changes we mentioned , in diet, exercise, and stress reduction to find the underlying cause of the condition.

Event_Moderator What are some other detoxification strategies ?

Zampieron_Speaker One of the most exciting treatments for arthritis and detoxification is the simple act of fasting.

In at least a dozen quality peer reviewed, scientific studies, which are quoted in our book, fasting, and fasting alone, was shown to dramatically reduce the pain associated with arthritis and the swelling associated with arthritis. Range of motion improved as a result of fasting. Various blood parameters which are used in the diagnosis of arthritis were reversed and remained reversed, thereby effecting a cure, particularly if those parameters stayed normal for five years.

In our book we outline the details of how to properly ease into a fast, perform the fast with a minimum of discomfort, and then ease back into eating the nutritious arthritis diet. Chef Harris was comissioned for our book to provide many delicious recipes, so that the act of eating healthy becomes second nature for the arthritis sufferer.

Kamhi_Speaker Other ways to help eliminate toxins is by learning how to do an enema at home, and also using a steam room or a sauna. Another good one is using a dry skin brush. It is easy to do at home with a naturally bristle brush. You brush towards the heart; it helps take off the layer of dead skin before we go to a bath or sauna, and it allows the skin to perform its function as part of the detoxification organ.

We also use various herbs that help to support the detoxification organs, such as the liver, kidneys, skin, and the lungs.

Danann_WebMD My wife has expressed the desire to tell the doctor that she wishes to stop methotrexate due to the side effects. I know there is a weaning process with prednisone. Is there also one with methotrexate? And we will get your book tomorrow, for sure. I just want to help her overcome this disease.

Zampieron_Speaker Yes. Most drugs need to be weaned. I would recommend weaning off of the mexotrexate as well. Say over a period of one month. In the meantime, your wife can pursue many of the programs and ideas which we have outlined in the book, and use them in conjunction, especially the use of milk thistle, an herb. It's in our book. It's under the liver section in our book.

Event_Moderator Is there anything else you would like to discuss with us today, Doctors?

Kamhi_Speaker I would say looking at the mind-body connection is extremely important. Research has shown, especially with rheumatoid arthritis, that there is an arthritis personality, and it is often overlooked. It can be called long-suffering, when people put other situations before their own, and then have some resentment. They also tend to be very rigid personalities, and they find change difficult. The personality needs to have increased flexibility, just like the changes in exercise. The main thing I would like to say is that arthritis is a curable condition.

In my 30 years working with patients, I have seen hundreds, and possibly thousands of cases were people who were diagnosed with arthritis, are not just trying to live with it, but they no longer live with pain and inflammation. There is hope. It is not easy. You can't take one pill and be okay. With diligence, dedication and time arthritis can be healed.

Zampieron_Speaker I invite people to use our book, not only as a guide for arthritis, but as a guide for improving your overall health , which is a good side effect of alternative medicine. The book can be ordered at 1-800-333-HEAL and we have authored another book called "The Natural Medicine Chest". It is an in-depth look at herbal medicine from around the globe.

Also, our arthritis products, specific medicines which we have developed and seen clinical success with, will be available at Our new book is available in stores now!

Kamhi_Speaker Our radio show can be heard on the web at, and our phone number is 800-829-0918

Event_Moderator Thank you both for joining us today, Dr. Zampieron and Dr. Kamhi

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