Arthritis and Active Sports (cont.)

Kamhi_Speaker Ok.

Event_Moderator What type of diet do you recommend for someone with arthritis? Which are the right fats and which are the wrong fats?

Kamhi_Speaker The entire discussion about eating low fat has lead to a dangerous perception of fat. Because fat, especially essential fatty acids which can only be gotten from a diet, are essential to health and wellness, and they control inflammation and maintain the integrity of cell membranes.

There are two kinds ofprostaglandins made by the body; one kind helps to stop pain and inflammation. The other kind increases pain and inflammation. The fats that we put into our body through what we eat determine if our body will produce the inflammatory or the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

A list of the things that cause the body to make the bad prostaglandins includes saturated fats, especially from meat, as well as a high sugar content in the diet, which will be converted into stored fat, and any kind of commercially prepared oil. This is most of the oils found on grocery store shelves. They have been treated with chemicals. Also, hydrogenated and trans fatty acids. They are found in all packaged foods, baked goods, commercial salad oils and dressings, and margarine. These also cause the formation of the bad prosta glandins.

To give our body the good kind of fats that heal , we need to use things like Omega 3 Oil. Omega is found in flax seeds, hemp seed oil, and in an herb, purslane, which is an oil. Other good kinds of omega 3 fats are known as ETA and DHA. They are found in soybeans and are very high in thiamine, and is also found in algae. There are different kinds of algae that are high in ETA and DHA.

We like to use organic, whole flax seeds, then have our patients put it in a small food grinder, and sprinkle it on anything you are eating, like oatmeal or vegetables. We also like to give recipes for salad dressings. All these things are listed in our book. The salad dressings consist of flax seed oil, olive oil, garlic, and some juice.

Event_Moderator Drs. Zampieron and Kamhi's book, Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide: Arthritis, is available in bookstores.

Kamhi_Speaker If people are going to use meat in their diet, they should purchase free range mear. The animals have eaten grass that has a better fat content than the animals that are factory raised.

Zampieron_Speaker Yes!!!!

Event_Moderator Is exercise an absolute necessity for people suffering from arthritis? Why or why not?

Zampieron_Speaker Daily exercise has many functions in preventing and treating arthritis. Exercise improves energy levels, provides nourishment for muscles and connective tissues, and maintains a healthy weight by keeping muscles and ligaments tone and fit so they can then adequately support the joints to reduce pain and stiffness and halt the progression of the disease. The best exercise program should target flexibility, strength, circulation of lymphatic fluid, and relaxation.

We recommend working with a health care practitioner or physical therapist to develop a daily exercise routine to suit your specific type of arthritis and/or physical limitations. One can begin to start off slowly with home or office stretches, then add aerobic exercise, isometric resistance training, and aquatic exercises to build muscle and increase flexibility without putting excess strain on the joint. In our book, on page 316 we have a series of daily stretches which can be done at your desk throughout the day without interrupting your work schedule. In addition, exercises such as yoga, which involve stress management combined with exercise, or the Chinese system of Tai-Chi are excellent for patients with arthritis.

Exercise should also be combined with appropriate physical medicine techniques, such as hydro-therapy, stretching, body work, such as massage, deep tissue manipulation, rolfing, and osseous manipulation. These are examples which will maintain health for the arthritis sufferer.

Event_Moderator What is a lymph massage and what does it do to help someone with Arthritis?

Kamhi_Speaker There are many different kinds of massage, and many of them can be helpful for arthritis. A lymphatic massage has a very light touch kind of massage. It is used in Europe. There is a light brushing of the screen which helps increase circulation through the lymphatic system, which carries the lymph fluids through the body. The lymph nodes catch certain toxins. This helps the lymphatic system and the nodes rid itself of toxins. It feels excellent, and it is very gentle.

Zampieron_Speaker The joints are not equipped with arteries and veins to deliver adequate nutrition to them. The joints are bathed in a fluid known as synovial fluid and the cartilage of the joints relies on the synovial fluid, which is an extension of the lymphatic system to supply it with adequate nutrients.

The lymphatic massage and drainage techniques outlined in our book provide the patient with a way to enhance the circulation of micro-nutrients, fresh oxygen enriched blood, and other nutriments to the starving joint cartilage. So arthritis, in a way, is a starvation of the joint cartilage of these nutrients, this is mostly in osteoarthritis.

In rheumatoid arthritis it is the immune system that is overzealous, an overzealous attack of the immune system.

Danann_WebMD My wife has rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors have her on methotrexate. The only result has been a worsening of her eyesight. Is there anything that she can do to reverse the progression?

Zampieron_Speaker Yes!!!! In Chinese medicine, the liver and liver function is intimately connected with the health and wellness of the eyes. Methotrexate, a potent immune-suppressing drug was previously used as a chemotherapeutic poison to suppress the cancer. It also suppresses the immune system , however, it can do very severe damage to the liver. I would recommend reading our book, especially the chapter , chapter 10, "Desensitize the Auto-Immune Reaction" and learn what safe, non-toxic, and effective alternative medicines to methotrexate exists. These are outlined in detail starting on page 208. It can help your wife wean of this toxic drug. With the help of their physician, only the physician can prescribe the drug and change it.

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