The Importance of Active Sports in Dealing with Arthritis with Eugene Zampieron, M.D., and Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D., R.N.

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Arthritis does not have to be a part of growing old. There are ways to reduce and reverse the effects of arthritis. There are alternative therapies that can help revive stiff, tired joints and more importantly help regain an active lifestyle. Dr. Eugene Zampieron will share how important active sports are to arthritis patients.

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Special_Moderator Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we are discussing "The Importance of Active Sports in Dealing with Arthritis" with Eugene R. Zampieron, N.D., A.H.C. and Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D.,R.N.,H.N.C.

Dr. Eugene Zampieron is the co-author of the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Arthritis . He is a licensed naturopathic physician, professional herbalist and medical botanist specializing in the non-toxic treatment of autoimmune and rheumatological disorders, especially arthritis and fibromyalgia. He acts as a natural products consultant, syndicated multimedia host, magazine columnist, and professional speaker who lectures to audiences internationally. Along with Ellen Kamhi, PhD.,R.N. Dr. Zampieron has written The Natural Medicine Chest.

Ellen Kamhi is a respected authority on natural healing. She holds a doctorate in public health and degrees in nursing and education. She is certified in reflexology, Bach flower remedies, herbalogy, darkfield microscopy, and indigenous medicines. She is a member of the Panel of Traditional Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, in New York City, Stony Brook.

Event_Moderator Dr. Zampieron, Dr. Kamhi, welcome to WebMD Live. What is arthritis?

Zampieron_Speaker Well, arthritis is definitely a definite part of growing old. People do not have to suffer with pain and inflammation, one can reduce and even reverse arthritis naturally. Arthritis is not a disease, it is a syndrome with a myriad of underlying factors that lead to the syndrome. Generally it can be broken up into two major categories; osteoarthritis and auto-immune rheumatic diseases. It is defined as a combination of inflammation and destruction of connective tissue, in particular joint cartilage and the subsequent pain and deformities that arise from that. Those are the two basic types of arthritis.

Event_Moderator What causes Arthritis?

Kamhi_Speaker As Dr. Zampieron just mentioned, there is no one case of arthritis. Research has shown that it is not just wear and tear that causes arthritis. Another cause that is talked about is traumatic injury, especially with osteoarthritis. Genetic factors may also play a part in a familial continuation and the development of arthritis. The causes are multi-faceted. They include the body's reaction to food allergies. They also directly relate to the health of the intestines, and also the infiltration of various infectious microorganisms, viruses, bacterias, yeast, etc. There is a particular mind set that accompanies arthritis. Stress plays a part as well. Certain kinds of diets make arthritis prevalent. The American diet, for example, has high amounts of the wrong kinds of fats and low amounts of the right kinds of facts, and it is laden with dairy products.

Zampieron_Speaker I would also like to add for osteoarthritis like the Natural Nurse was discussing, there are biomechanical and ergonomical reasons for osteoarthritis when there is an imbalance in the forces on the joints; one joint can prematurely erode and wear out prior to the other.

One other factor is imbalanced hormones. Women tend to develop osteoarthritis at a much higher rate than men. Hormones, or an imbalance between the estrogenic and progesteronic hormones can cause arthritis.

One study also includes the possibility of dehydration, i.e., not drinking enough water can lead to the eroding of the joints. This is because the cushion between our joints, the cartilage and meniscus, is a living tissue which requires water and many nutrients, as well as activity to remain healthy; so there is also a link between a sedentary lifestyle and osteoarthritis.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the body attacks tissue as if it were a foreign organism and much of the current thought in alternative and complimentary medical circles revolve around treating this dysfunction. This is known as disbiosis, which means disordered life in the body which can lead to disease.

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