Cancer: Confronting Cancer with Humor (cont.)

Wachs_Speaker I know that Kubler Ross had the stages of dying. I hadn't noted the stages to the cancer thing. At the same time, a lot of shock, anger and fear ... but I don't know that they're stages we go through. I think everyone feels all of it all along and it's attending to those feelings that they can be released. We're sort of taught to not talk about this stuff. There's a shame around cancer that is just slowly starting to lift up.

Event_Moderator How should someone looking for alternative doctors find them? The Yellow Pages?

Wachs_Speaker I think there are certain publications that exist nationwide that deal with health and alternative treatments, and that's one way to go about it. Another way is word of mouth; another way is to open up the yellow pages for chiropractors, ayurvedic therapists, and healers, acupuncturists, etc.

Event_Moderator What progressive cancer research is currently being done?

Wachs_Speaker Uh oh! (laughs) This is that area where I'd be talking as if I knew something that I don't. There is something I'd like to say. There had been a question earlier on about how the cancer affected my life. The one thing I noticed in Humor Heals and private practice is the ability to sit with pain and death in a way that I wasn't able to before I had to face my own mortality.

Event_Moderator Did someone show you how to do that?

Wachs_Speaker No. I think it's a direct result of having to have faced my own mortality. This wasn't something that I decided to do, this is a byproduct ... a gift of the terror and horror of facing your mortality. There's a real relief and ability to be okay, because this is the worst that it's going to be ... I can do this. To connect to that place with another human being is more precious to me than any of the other lessons that I learned from having cancer.

Event_Moderator Did you meditate before you were diagnosed?

Wachs_Speaker Yeah, I did but not nearly to the extent that I do now. If someone told you that juggling three eggs and spinning around was going to help you, you'd find a way to do it! So, my focus and ability to meditate got really strong! I'm not sure how helpful I've been because I'm not a doctor, but this has been a very nice experience and if it was helpful to anyone in any way, I'm glad and very honored.

Event_Moderator Thank you for joining us, Aviva.

Wachs_Speaker Thank you!

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