'Recovering from Pregnancy & Staying in Shape' with Sheryl Swoopes

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Recovering from pregnancy does not have to be a long and painful process. With preparation, fitness, and proper diet, recovery time is reduced. Sheryl Swoopes will discuss and give out her secret of how to recover from pregnancy.

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Event_Moderator Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we will be discussing Recovering from Pregnancy and Staying in Shape with WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes.

Sheryl Swoopes is a member of the 1997 and 1998 back-to-back WNBA champion Houston Comets. She and her husband Eric Jackson were blessed with a son, Jordan, who was born just as the league began play in 1997. Swoopes began the season on the sidelines but returned to play the final nine games of the 1997 regular season, helping the Houston Comets win the first ever WNBA Championship. Swoopes started for all of the 1998 season with the Comets and help win their second WNBA title. She was named to the All-WNBA first team. In 1999, she was the WNBA's third leading scorer, leading the Comets to their third consecutive WNBA title.

Sheryl, welcome to WebMD Live.

Swoopes_Speaker Thank you. Hello!

Event_Moderator How far into your pregnancy did you continue playing basketball?

Swoopes_Speaker I played all the way up until my fifth month, then the doctor forced me to the sidelines. I enjoyed working out, but I didn't have complications, so I continued to do everything I did and then my doctor made me quit!

Event_Moderator What concerns did you have when you started working out?

Swoopes_Speaker I guess my biggest concern was I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and I was concerned with continuing to work-out and if that would hurt me or my child. So, I went back and forth and talked to my doctor. He told me to continue with everything I've done, and it's instinct. If I got to a point when I was tired, I had to stop playing. Other than that, I felt good, things were normal, and I tried to stay on my everyday schedule.

Event_Moderator How have you gained support from your teammates and what do they think about motherhood?

Swoopes_Speaker You know, I got lots of support from everyone; teammates, the head office, people in the league and everyone was shocked! Oh wow, I didn't know what to say; it was the start of a new league and then all of a sudden I was pregnant. I had the support, during and after my pregnancy and they were ready for me to come back and play. They all told me to take my time.

Event_Moderator What does your husband feel about this change in both of your lives?

Swoopes_Speaker Well, my husband and I are no longer together, but we still communicate. The most important thing is my son, to make sure he's healthy and fine. But, becoming a parent definitely brings lots of changes in your life. Now I wonder what I did with all the time I had. Now there's not enough time in the day! I get up in the morning and work-out, then obviously I want to spend time with him and there's no time to do everything I want to do. But, it's the most rewarding exciting thing I've ever gone through!

Event_Moderator How much weight did you gain from the pregnancy and how did you get back into shape?

Swoopes_Speaker Oh my God! My weight has always been 145-150, but I gained 47 pounds and when I came back and tried to play, that was a sight to see! I was 175 pounds and 25 pounds overweight. I took the next season working out everyday; my biggest concern was getting the weight off. It took me six months to get back to playing weight where I wanted to be.

Event_Moderator How long were you in the delivery room and did you think your fitness level was any contribution to the labor process?

Swoopes_Speaker You know, I honestly don't... talking to my doctor, he told me I'm in great shape, so this is wonderful. I had no complications and was induced. Between the time they gave me the medication and the time I had the baby was about two hours. That's extremely short! He was 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and was 21 inches long.

Event_Moderator What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

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