Spa: Making Your Spa Choice- Tips From an Insider (cont.)

Event_Moderator Can you describe the mud treatment and body wrap process? How often should you have this done?

Dana_Bass_Smith Many guests who come to Two Bunch Palms like to experience our mud bath body wrap treatment. This treatment is a one hour process. A person is immersed into an individual tub of green clay, natural hot springs water and peat moss. The guest soaks in the clay for approximately 20 minutes, then takes a mineral water shower and goes into one of our extraordinary massage therapist rooms where they have a blanket wrap and foot massage. One of the unique features about Two Bunch Palms is that within our natural hot springs, we have a naturally occurring pure green clay which has been soaking in the mineral water for thousands, perhaps millions of years. We utilize this pure green clay, which does not contain bentonite. Many spas offer clay treatments, but these clays that are used are not naturally occurring and are created through a chemical process. The results from soaking in the natural clay tends to be a deep exfoliation, cleansing. Some guests tell us that the mud baths are excellent for the detoxification process, as well as deep relaxation.

Event_Moderator I just starting using the tanning booth at my health club once a week, but once winter rolls around, I plan to increase my tanning time. I tan for 10 minutes each time now. Should I increase my time or visits? (I rarely burn.)

Dana_Bass_Smith I would suggest checking with a dermatologist because each person's skin type truly defines how much time is safe spent in any form of ultraviolet rays. I'd say that at Two Bunch, we have so much natural sunshine that we are not as well versed in the use of tanning beds as other people might be!

Event_Moderator Do you offer a vegetarian menu at Two Bunch Palms? Are there dieticians on site?

Dana_Bass_Smith At Two Bunch Palms we have a Living Essence Cuisine menu. We utilize the most natural vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats available in our wonderful Southern California climate. Although we are not exclusively vegetarian, we offer an extensive selection of vegetarian and vegan meals. Although we do not have a dietician on staff, we are very experienced and willing to accommodate any guest's dietary request or requirements. A bit of advanced notice to our chef is always appreciated.

Event_Moderator How do Tibetan bells heal the body?

Dana_Bass_Smith Although I am not the world's expert on Tibetan bells, it is my understanding that the tones and sounds which come through the ringing of bells creates a space for clearing away negative energy, somewhat like sitting in quiet contemplation. The space created by pure tone and sound can have a healing effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

Event_Moderator Can I do any of these treatments at home? Are any of your spa products available for purchase?

Dana_Bass_Smith I highly suggest that each person do as much in the way of self-healing as they can at home. A simple bath with Epsom salts, natural essential oils, and candlelight does much for taking away the stress of the day. In regards to products available from Two Bunch Palms, please check our website, which is: Within the next 45 days, we will have an online boutique which will make available many of the products we use in our extraordinary treatments. Our natural green clay is available for the face and body and may be purchased and shipped to you via phone. Our phone number is 1-800-472-4334. Ask for the spa boutique.

Event_Moderator How can we contact you for more information?

Dana_Bass_Smith Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa: The address is 67425 Two Bunch Palms Trail, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240. The email is: And, the phone number is: 760-329-8791.

Event_Moderator What's the price range for packages there? (I'd be coming from out of state.)

Dana_Bass_Smith Please contact Dan in reservations for the best prices and availability. Midweek affords extraordinary discounts.

Event_Moderator Thank you for joining us, Dana.

Dana_Bass_Smith Thank you very much! Feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.

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