Spa: Making Your Spa Choice- Tips From an Insider (cont.)

Event_Moderator How did you get involved on the staff of Two Bunch Palms, and were you working at any other spas before?

Dana_Bass_Smith Approximately 22 years ago, I began working in the spa industry when I was barely out of elementary school! (laughs!), and I studied body work with The British School of Holistic Therapy out of Cambridge, England. My love for health, body work, and the healing arts became one of the more important focuses of my life. I began doing body work myself at a spa in Boulder, Colorado, then eventually moving to a variety of spas in the Palm Palm Springs area. Through my business experience, which was happening in another area as well, I came to Two Bunch Palms and was hired as a massage therapist. In about 1987, I was retained as the Spa Director at Two Bunch and continued over the last 15 years in the capacity of Spa Director, Director of Public Relations, and as a member of the Advisory Board. Then approximately 3 years ago, I was promoted to General Manager of the resort. My other interests have included participating in the education and wellness world through being involved with ISPA, as well as Hollyhock Healing Arts Retreat Center in British Columbia. So, that's my story in a nutshell!

Event_Moderator As the general manager, how do you determine which new treatments will be offered at Two Bunch Palms?

Dana_Bass_Smith With my depth of experience in the spa world, it is a constant challenge and delight for me to encourage the creative process with my staff. The staff at Two Bunch has been instrumental in helping to create and research our variety of in-depth spa therapies. The final selections are based upon the realness and depth of the spa therapies, as well as their effectiveness in terms of the guests.

Event_Moderator What are "hot springs?"

Dana_Bass_Smith Hot springs are places on the planet in which natural, hot mineral water "springs forth" from the earth. These locations are usually found in interesting geographical areas. They often are located near active or extinct volcanoes, near earthquake fault lines, or other areas of interesting geographical activity.

Event_Moderator What minerals are most commonly found in hot springs, and how do they benefit the body?

Dana_Bass_Smith Many hot springs waters have been defined to contain much calcium, magnesium. Some hot springs even contain lithium (which is known to create a natural high!) and some waters contain trace amounts of arsenic (chuckles). There is a hot springs in New Mexico which actually prides itself on it's arsenic water. It's interesting to note that many of our modern drugs and medicines have been based on homeopathy. Homeopathy simplified is a form of therapy whereby trace amounts of highly active and strong medicines actually help to heal an illness. For example, very trace amounts of arsenic water are suggested to be healthy to take internally. At Two Bunch Palms, we believe that just soaking in the natural hot springs creates a feeling of deep relaxation. Our guests have told us that they feel significantly recharged and restored after soaking in the water for a half hour to a couple of hours. Many claims about the benefits of natural hot springs water have been made over the years. If only for the warmth of the water, the lack of chemicals in the water, and the natural salts and minerals, it is our feeling that this immersion in pure water, which is an element of all of us, is a positive, wonderful experience for everyone. Can you tell us a little bit about the "Capone Legend?"

Dana_Bass_Smith Sure. Two Bunch Palms was discovered and created in the late 1920's. The legend has it that Al Capone and his cronies purchased the property under his attorney's name and used Two Bunch Palms as a place to hide out and restore themselves, much like what goes on in the current times. It's interesting to walk around the property and see the underground tunnels which actually go from the Al Capone suite across the property through the spa and exit near the second bunch of Palms. Although several of the tunnels are blockaded at this point in time, one can still see the entries and look down into the tunnels. There is also a lookout tower, which was built above one of the original guest rooms. Legend has it that Al Capone's bodyguards used to look out across the desert for police activity. When there was any sign of questionable activity, the gangsters and their cronies would go underground into the extensive tunnel system.

Event_Moderator What other famous (or infamous) guests have stayed there, in the history of the spa?

Dana_Bass_Smith I would say that over the last 16 years that I've been associated with Two Bunch, that just about every interesting, famous star, musician, writer, and producer that has passed through the desert has stayed at Two Bunch Palms.

Dana_Bass_Smith Because we are so careful about maintaining their anonymity, these guests whose lives significantly affect our world continue to come back and enjoy Two Bunch. I can say that because of publicity and so forth, that Rene Russo has been attending our spa for the last 15 years or so. It would be nice to credit her exquisite personality and beauty to her visits to our spa, but we know that comes from within.

Event_Moderator I read online that you offer "Color Therapy." What is color therapy?

Dana_Bass_Smith Yes. Color Therapy is an interesting kind of a journey of light and color and sound. We offer this treatment in a beautiful outdoor gazebo which has six different stained glass windows that are based upon the chakra system. During this treatment, the guest is massaged and has color and light beamed in on them, and worked with on a sound, light, color, and massage level. This focus is relating to each of the energy centers of the body. For example, the color red, which is symbolized by a large red heart with wings, focuses on the feet, groundedness, and restoring one's connection to the earth.

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