Relationships:Teenager in Love' (cont.)

Event_Moderator What can a parent do if they don't like the person their teen is dating?

Kimberly_Kirberger One thing they can do is try and figure out why they don't like that person, make sure that there's a good reason. I'm a big advocate of sitting down and talking to people. Maybe they could talk to the person their teenager is dating and see if that helps. If he's like a bad person, then we go back to my other answer of trying to convince your teenager that they could be happier with someone else.

Event_Moderator What is the next book you have in the works?

Kimberly_Kirberger It's called "Teen Love on Friendship".

Event_Moderator What is that about?

Kimberly_Kirberger It's a book with the same format as Teen Love on Relationships; questions and answers about friendship, poetry and stories. Friendship is as trying for teenagers as relationships are.

Event_Moderator Are teens today apt to have more friends of the opposite sex than in previous generations?

Kimberly_Kirberger Yes and I think it's great.

Event_Moderator Any last thoughts on this subject?

Kimberly_Kirberger To the parents that are reading or listening, it's so important to support your teenager during this time and as much as it may seem like they're pushing you away and don't want anything to do with you, they need your love and support now more than ever. For the teenagers who are out there, just be easy on yourself and know that all this is for your learning. It does get easier.

Event_Moderator Thank you for joining us, Kim.

Kimberly_Kirberger Thank you very much.

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