Health Makeover with Marilu Henner (cont.)

Event_Moderator Do you have beauty tips?

M_Henner I think total health is not just about what we eat but how we think, how we set up our environment and relate to people. I wanted to do a book that had not only recipes but also seven tips to get you through the day. They are food for thought. In the book, I have a beauty tip, organizational tip, food tip, exercise tip, and spa on a budget tip. I just felt that these were some of the things that I've learned over the years that have helped me to create a total health environment. Sleep is very important and it determines how the rest of your day is set up. Sleep is crucial and the right kind of sleep is very important. I think so much of our sleep habits have to do with how we sleep or eat before we go to bed. Have we exercised at all, have we dealt with things emotionally. The environment that we set up. When you do so many things in your bed besides sleeping or making love, what happens is you're still in your office.

The last of the ten steps: Gusto and it's really your attitude.

Event_Moderator Physical fitness and beauty go without saying, but if in the future you felt you needed a little help, would you consider plastic surgery?

M_Henner I get asked this question often. People think I've already had it. I'm always saying, when you come to get your book signed, come and check for scars. I think being Polish and Greek, I have good middle European skin so I've been lucky that way. What probably gave me acne besides bad health habits has given me thicker skin as an adult. It has to do with genes and also how I take care of myself. As for the future, I don't know. I always say never say never. I'm leaving the door open.

Event_Moderator Do you promote sunscreens?

M_Henner I think it's important to stay out of the sun. I use moisturizer with sunscreen in it. If you're outside a lot, you should put sunscreen on your hair. There are so many hair products today that are natural to protect your hair.

Event_Moderator Do you recommend an exercise regimen for someone who works all the time (me) and has very little time for fitness?

M_Henner Every morning, wake up 15 minutes earlier and stretch while you're still in your bed. Do as much as you possibly can before you get out of bed while body is warm from sleeping. Stretch while you're in shower or bathtub. Even if you do it for ten minutes, it's going to make a difference. If you can some time in the day, walk as much as you can. On the weekends, try to take a good, long walk or put on a cassette and dance around your house. Move as much as you possibly can. It's amazing how one step leads to another. If you're driving or riding, every time you stop at a stop light, do some isometric exercises. Tighten those butt muscles or abs or arms, whatever it takes to get your body moving in even smallest ways.

Event_Moderator As a dancer, can you recommend music?

M_Henner Any kind of disco music will get your heart rate up. Any of the female rock singers, Madonna, Janet Jackson, always have a lot of dance music. I also love the Gypsy Kings. Recently, I'm a big Sugar Ray fan. The new Sting album has some great exercise type songs as well.

There's two health books. The first book is called The Total Health Makeover in all bookstores now. The second one is called The Thirty Day Health Makeover and that's in hard cover only and that's in bookstores as well. I also have a parent book called I Refuse to Raise a Brat. My original book was called By All Means, Keep on Moving. The new book will be out next June called The Total Health Kitchen. It's about redoing your kitchen and substituting. They're available on is my website.

Event_Moderator What types of food make you feel most energetic!

M_Henner The foods that are the energy robbers. If someone is tired all the time, I always say to them I don't do any of the health robbers, sugar, red meat, dairy and caffeine. Those foods will take energy from you. If they give you a burst at first, eventually you're going to come crashing down from them. If you take even one of those foods out, it's amazing how much it will change. You do one step for three weeks and then try it again, you cheat. You understand the difference in how you feel. It takes about 4 days to clear it out of your system and some time to get over the emotional dependence. With dairy products. If you give up dairy for 3 weeks and then go back to it, you won't believe the difference in how you feel. Sometimes it takes a little longer depending on how addicted you are.

Event_Moderator What would you consider your biggest vice?

M_Henner I was on Politically Incorrect the other night and I said I think the biggest vice should be sex. I don't have any food vices. I'll have some wine or champagne or something like that. I don't consider that a vice as long as it's combined properly. I don't know.

Event_Moderator Do you recognize poor health or poor digestive habits in friends and family and if so, how do you help them without forcing your views on them?

M_Henner I can instantly recognize bad health. I walk around reading people's faces all the time. The face is such a blueprint for what's going on inside of us. I always look at someone's face and I can spot their biggest weakness right away.

Event_Moderator How is this accepted?

M_Henner I never talk about it unless they want help. If someone asks me and says okay, read my face.

I was at dinner at Fran Drescher's house and she was making a salad and I told her I didn't want cheese. She said I'd like to try that and now she's dairy free for the most part. She talks about it in her book. Anytime I can help somebody that wants my help, I'm eager to share the information. I'm just the messenger of good information. I just know what's been working for me. If they don't want to hear it, than that's okay too. Most people prefer to be healthy. If you don't have your health, you have nothing. People who say I have no time, I say then you're going to have to take time for bad health later on.

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