Health Makeover with Marilu Henner (cont.)

Event_Moderator What was the biggest turning point in your life that made you want to change your health/life style?

M_Henner It was my parents' death. My mother's death in 1978 changed me forever. I watched her in the hospital and I said to myself, with all these procedures they're putting her through, can you imagine if you do something good for yourself how your body would rally. I feel stronger and healthier than I did 20 years ago.

Event_Moderator Do you think that if you had another stressful situation you could still follow the lifestyle or is there a chance you would revert back?

M_Henner There's no way I would revert back because I know how I want to feel and how eating this way helps me deal with the stress of life. I feel like it would just cause so many more problems--it would compound the stress if I didn't eat this way. If anything, I would try to be even more careful.

Event_Moderator Do people hate you because you're beautiful?

M_Henner (laughing) I'm not beautiful, I just clean up well. I've never thought of myself as beautiful but I feel like I'm at healthiest time in my life and I think that that's maybe what people are seeing. I've never gotten more compliments in my life and I think it's because of my health, not beauty.

Fat: learning about differences in fats. I learned how to food combine. Butter is a bad fat. Animal fats are not good for us. Plant fats like olive oil or avocado are much better for you. I eat fish and fish has fat in it. It's the good fat. If you're going to do an animal fat, you're better doing a fish oil fat than a meat fat.

Next step? Food combining: You think of your life as eating fruits, proteins or starches. When I'm talking about starches, I'm talking about the good grains like oatmeal or brown rice.

Event_Moderator Thank you for joining us @ WebMD Live with Marilu Henner. The chat is audiocast.

M_Henner It makes me sick when people say I'm off carbs. I'd rather eat eggs and cheese and bacon than a good bowl of oatmeal. That is so not the way to eat in terms of good health. You cannot give up grains. You just don't combine them with your proteins. I usually eat fruit for breakfast. I eat protein lunch and I eat a starch dinner, like brown rice and vegetables or something like that. I eat a lot of beans, a lot of soy products. Every single day I eat soy.

Event_Moderator I follow your program. I noticed that after each meal that I was starving. What am I doing wrong?

M_Henner What you have to do is eat 5 or 6 smaller meals to keep the fire stoked. You're processing the food so quickly that you're ready to eat again. What you have to do is--that's a good sign. It's like having the best garbage disposal in your kitchen. Everything is moving through you quickly. I have a chapter in my book called What's the Poop and it's a whole chapter on your digestive system. The whole thing is that we should be eliminating--digested properly and eliminated properly.

The next step: exercise and stress. It's ideal to break a sweat for 10 minutes every day. If you aim for 10 minutes, you should do it 4 times a week. You can just put on a CD and dance around your house. You can think of yourself as an athlete all day long. When you pick up the groceries, the kids, you really pick them up. If you really live your life as though you were constantly working out, it's amazing how much you work out in a day. Just move all day long.

Event_Moderator I saw you in Man on the Moon, you look great. Was this a bittersweet project for you?

M_Henner Definitely. Thank you for the compliment. Yes it was definitely bittersweet. Jim Carrey was so much like Andy, it felt like we were back in time. It was great to see everybody. This cast has stayed close over the years. It was just great to be on that set again. The first thing I did was bring my kids and take home movies of them. I didn't know their dad when Taxi went off the air.

Event_Moderator Is your sock drawer as organized like the photo in your book? The photo in the book is a photo of her sock drawer.

M_Henner I grew up in household of 8 people and one bathroom. The only thing I was allowed to organize were my two little drawers. I just had maybe 4 pairs of socks. As a grownup, I love being organized. My sock drawer is always organized because I like to move through my life so quickly, that I like to know where everything is at all times. live in the hills and you have to be careful because it's easy to get moths. You have to be careful about your food and put it in those plastic containers.

Event_Moderator Do you recommend a heavy reliance upon vitamins or supplements in achieving total health?

M_Henner Because we can't get all organic food and we eat in restaurants and on airplanes, I think it's important for us to take right kinds of vitamins. A good multi-vitamin is important. I think if you work with a knowledgeable nutritionist or doctor, they can recommend a good supplement that can enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Event_Moderator What is one of your favorite snacks to give your kids?

M_Henner My kids eat soybeans everyday. It's soybeans thrown in salted boiling water for five minutes and left in their shell. They love soybeans. The other day I sent my son's class a bowl of soybeans. All the mothers wrote that the kids wanted this snack. They eat guacamole and chips or they'll have a thing called ants on a log which is celery and healthy peanut butter and raisins.

Event_Moderator Do you offer your son a piece of candy?

M_Henner Yes and he turned it down. He said, no thanks, I don't eat sugar. There was a woman who wrote to me and said, if he can turn down sugar so can I.

Event_Moderator Do you miss Andy Kaufman?

M_Henner Oh yeah. I had seen Andy a few months before he died so I knew he was really sick and this wasn't some publicity stunt. I think he's still misunderstood. My understanding of the film is that they sensationalized some of his feelings about Taxi and maybe didn't capture how normal he was in a lot of situations. He was a really sweet guy. He was interested in great conversation.

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